Vienna Bedroom UPDATED

I have recloned the pillows, blankets, bed skirt, and headboards for this set.

The sims should no longer get a confident moodlet in the presence of the headboards and I hope those who’ve had issues placing the blankets and pillows will find that this update fixes that. I also fixed an the medium lod for the bed skirt.

The dresser, end table, finial, book end, and mirror didn’t need updating. 

I have play tested and had others beta test, so I hope I’ve fixed all the issues, but let me know if I didn’t!  

Remember, if you don’t have the bed skirt, you wont have anything to place your separated mattress on! Look on my bedrooms page if you need some separated mattresses. These blankets and pillows etc. are decorative, you still need to place a mattress underneath them so sims will have a place to sleep.

If you downloaded items separately download these (let the new files overwrite the old ones in your mods folder):

Bed Skirt

Wooden Headboard

Fabric Headboard

Patterned Pillows

Plain Pillows

Patterned Blanket

Plain Blanket

(dresser, end table, finial, book end, mirror) << for those downloading for the first time :)

If you downloaded the merged file download this one: (let the new file overwrite the old one in your mods folder)

>>merged file<<

kyliecosmetics KYSHADOW Palette by MAC

Shades from left to right: Jasper, Quartz, Topaz, Goldstone, Citrine, Tiger Eye, Hematite, Bronzite, Obsidian. 

There are 3 eye shadow looks with 3 shades incorporated into each + a subtle brow-bone highlight. Each look has a more intense waterline alternative. (6 Swatches total)

                                      MEDIAFIRE | SIMFILESHARE

 Recommended MAC Eyeliners: Eyeliner 101 | Eyeliner 102 | Eyeliner 103 | Eyeliner 104

Brows: N16 by @pralinesims


Beach house ver. 2
uploading soon : )
my new house with beautiful creators
always thank you , love you 🐼
# cc creators
@daer0n  @dominationkid  @leo-sims  @13pumpkin31  @conceptdesign97sims  @slox  @sanoysims  @dreamteamsims  @ilonastuffforsims4  @mxims  @black-le  @onyxsims  @blewis50  @toksik  @msteaqueen  @mimoto-sims  @michelleabstuff  @rachelssimstuff  @peacemaker-ic  @carameli-ze  @meinkatz  @helen-sims  @mio-sims  @teanmoon  @chisimi  @anbs  @blackmojitos  @sweetmint-sims4  @puresims  @dara-savelly  @jennisims  @ichosim  @viikiitastuff  @blackcatphoenix  @loveratsims4  @lindseyxsims  @yumesims  @hvikis  @mangosim  @sims4luxury

# pose by @rethdis-love  /  @dannysims
# If I missed someone, please let me know : )
# and more shots are here ↓ thank you ♡

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My Brutally Honest Open Letter to People Who Call Criticism of The Sims 4 “Hate”

Anonymous Message to Sims4News:

I honestly don’t understand why people won’t stop complaining and just enjoy the game. I think its smart and quirky. I still enjoy the game and I’m sure others do but the love is being drowned by the hate. I don’t care about toddlers or pets, people need to chill out. If the game isn’t to your liking don’t play it. I like the direction the sims is going. Do you like the game at all or not?

My Response:

What I don’t understand is how people don’t see the major flaws in The Sims 4. I’m not saying everyone should hate the game. I’ve spent 189 hours playing The Sims 4 and I really enjoyed most of it. But I still complain, I still criticize, and I am still unhappy when I think about The Sims franchise.

You and many others need to understand that criticism does not equal hate. The SimGurus welcome constructive criticism, and we, as paying customers and devoted fans, certainly have the right to dish it out. I’m sorry that a lot of people are sick of the negativity, but The Sims 4 is a deeply flawed game and it’s far from absurd to point that out. If you don’t want to hear complaints, then blame EA for making a half-baked game.

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Backyard Stuff Add-On

Cringing every time you are trying to host a dinner party under the stars, only to find an umbrella glued to your table? Do you resort to moving your patio furniture (plus umbrella) indoors on rainy afternoons for those cosy 6-man scrapbook sessions? Despair no more! Your sims can now freely mix-and-match their 6-seaters with and without umbrella, both indoors and outdoors.

This Backyard Stuff Add-On comes with 2 tables, one with and one without an umbrella holder, in 5 frame colours and 3 tabletop colours. As well as 2 umbrellas, one solid and one transparent, also in 5 frame colours and a multitude of umbrella colours and patterns. All of these use the original EA textures (with some slight tweaks and changes) and every possible recolour, allowing you more freedom for both the backyard and your dining room. Feel free to delete the ones you do not want or intend to use!

You can use MOO to place the umbrella inside the table (like the original version) and the table will still function perfectly!

Download can be found here.

NB. Backyard Stuff is required for this set to work!

All meshes and textures belong to EA, I simply did some reshuffling and minor tweaking / adapting.