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Last week I briefly introduced the idea of starting a TOK (Theory of Knowledge) Database for all IB students with this post (it also has some examples of articles/resources). I think it would really help for essays and presentations.

The database will be organized by WoKs (Ways of Knowing) and AoKs (Areas of Knowledge). The media can be anything from videos, articles, blog posts, podcasts, music, etc. Books could also be added, but the important thing is to keep the resources free and accessible for everyone. 

Currently I’m struggling with how to collect resources, but I think the best way to do so is for people to tag posts with the tag: TOK database. I’ll see it and then reblog it onto my blog with the full database organized by WoKs and AoKs. If anyone has any better suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

TOK database here (you can also find a link straight to the page on the top of my blog)









Sense Perception





Human Sciences

Indigenous Knowledge Systems

Natural Sciences

Religious Knowledge Systems

I hope to see a lot of contributions! lifeaftertheib seemed interested in the original post, so I’m tagging you here!

What is the TOK essay?

No one really knows. It is a thing that exists, and is made up of words. I’m not sure if anyone actually understands what TOK is, let alone the assignments. I wrote one, and I’m still not sure what it was. But here’s what you need to know. You will have to write an essay. You will be given a list of pre-determined international prompts. You pick one and write an essay using at least 2 WOKs or AOKs. (If you don’t know what these are, I assume you haven’t started the class yet. Don’t worry your teacher will cover them).

Let’s go over a few Do’s and Don'ts, shall we?


  1. Include relevant personal stories. It makes the grader like you more, and think you are trying to relate this madness to your life.
  2. Cite any facts you might decide to add. This is especially important if you use any scientific examples.
  3. Follow all formatting guidelines.
  4. Clearly express all of your ideas. Be very sure that you link your examples to your arguments to your claim.
  5. Create a thesis and defend it throughout the essay.
  6. Get someone to read your essay and make sure it makes sense.

Do not:

  1. Make up facts and figures to support an argument.
  2. Spend a lot of time describing personal details.
  3. Go over the word limit, or fall ridiculously short.
  4. Use grandiose language and convoluted sentence structures to cover up the fact you have no point and about three sentences ago forgot what you were supposed to be arguing about.
  5. Use the same arguments and examples as other students in your class or online.

-You MUST include the areas of knowledge and ways of knowing. Many of my classmates thought they could write about what they thought and nothing more, that resulted in having to do whole other essay.

-Use real life examples, it’s never too much. You should include examples that relate to your AOK and WOK.

-Include your personal experience. This is something my teacher kept going on about because I tend to be too formal in all of my essays. Don’t be afraid of including an anecdote or your opinion.

-Knowledge questions are VERY important. You need knowledge questions throughout your essay. At first I really didn’t understand what they were but after discussing with my teacher I already had knowledge questions. They just weren’t in question format. Putting it simple they are just questions about knowledge, example “does this mean that knowledge in the arts can exist with only its creator to verify it?”

-If English is your second language, I beg you please don’t use google translator. You will only have a senseless essay full of mistakes.

-Ask other people to read it and give their opinion. I do this with all of my internals that are not science related. It lets you know what people understand from your essay and they might identify any grammar mistake too!

-Don’t stress! The IB isn’t here to kill you or TOK to torture you. You can do it, it’s just an essay. Just one that makes you talk about weird things and challenge yourself!

Many of the things I talk about here and on the TOK essay guide for the November 2015 session. If you want me to email it to you just message me on here, on my Twitter (@agirlbelieves) or even snap chat (valecolomab) wherever I reply first.

Good luck!

Trying to explain TOK to Non-IB students...

“What do you learn in TOK?”

“… Okay, so what about those things, the ‘Ways of Knowing’? What’s that all about?”

“So, does this means that 'emotion, language, perception and reasons’ are …”

“I’m still confused… by all of this… and I’m already super stressed and sleep deprived…”

… you’re doing the IB ~ !

:3 Basically.

(Enchanted © Disney)




«Welcome to「Tales of Kairos」a MMORPG playable on the AO-Drift and compatible with the new REMDrift from Axel-Shift.「Tales of Kairos」uses state of the art REM Drift technology (RDT)  maintained by the private server to ensure both privacy and safety when in 「Tales of Kairos」and 「REMSpace」.

In「Tales of Kairos」the Player will begin as a blank slate and choose from a list of randomly generated, unused names, before going on to choose their race and class and customise their Marks. Each class and race has their own perks and quirks, and, once selected, you cannot change your character, so make sure to choose wisely!

The REM Drift technology built into the AO-Drift and REMDrift supports both public and private server use, and encourages you invite any Allies or Friends to Publicly Hosted IP’s and Servers. 

Enjoy your time in「Tales of Kairos」and「REMSpace」

60 Frames Per Second is a Fantasy/Sci-Fi novel that caters to fans of both video games and technology as well as fantasy worlds and adventure; it may also interest those who are interested in VR (Virtual Reality), MMORPG’s (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) and fans of Sword Art Online, Log Horizon and Hai to Gensou No Grimgar . 

Two of main characters of the story are Zadel and Enen, whom both meet in unfortunate circumstances and begrudgingly decide to team up to complete part of the Main Quest line of「Tales of Kairos」as it requires a full party of five. Enen persuades his friend Undine away from her temple to join them and a stranger (who’s name they learn is Nyma) who has the ability to shape shift agrees to join them after little persuasion. Last to join them is Nai, a somewhat deadpan Tinker who is hopeless at whatever he makes.


Charlie has been playing 「Tales of Kairos」since the release date, and the charade of the egocentric and money-obsessed Zadel is almost second nature to him — and the fact that he steals anything valuable earns him the in-game nickname of Magpie.

After being thrown into a jail cell with a male Nek’kin who goes by the name of Enen. Zadel is tugged into Enen’s wish to complete the Main Quest Line and begrudgingly parties up with the boy as an apology for provoking him, and, instead of disliking the male even more, Zadel finds himself being drawn in.

Chapters of the story will be posted to this tumblr under the tag “chapters” once completed, proofread and edited. Any updates will be posted under the tag “updates” and authors notes will be posted under “a/n”.



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