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firelord lexa au??? clarke is a fighty hothead waterbender who's the ambassador's daughter and lexa's like a scary firelord who is actually just a soft gay puddle (so basically just their cannon selves but they BEND) aaand there's some post-war tension between the fire nation and the water tribes and firelord lexa visits clarke's city on a diplomatic mission and that's where they meet and they have this really long drawn-out slowburn while tensions rise and war breaks out between their people


i’m not really…. into doing atla AUs focused around white characters…

Perfect Harmony

A painting of the Republic City’s most powerful couple: Avatar Korra and Asami Sato.
Painted in Photoshop CS5

Speedpainting video:

If you would comment and Watch me that would super cool of you!
Lingerie Pricing is a Feminist Issue | The Lingerie Addict: Lingerie Fashion Blog
There’s been a lot of talk on the Internet recently about bra pricing. Much of it started with this brilliant piece by Arabelle Sicardi unpacking the pricing of indie lingerie. The debates mostly broke down along two major sides. On one side were people who need bras for health or workplace reasons, asking for columnists and bloggers to discuss lowering prices on items they need. On the other were indie/luxury lingerie …

I finally finished it. I finally did the thing: an article on lingerie pricing and labor.