There is hope!

Here is the e-mail I received from Tumblr today regarding my theme, links, pages, icon, etc. being currently gone from my blog:

“Hello,Thanks for letting us know about this! Our engineers are aware and are currently working on a fix. I appreciate your patience as they get to the bottom of it.
Dave S
Tumblr Platform Support”

So if, like me, your theme has been an utter mess since a day or two, and you can’t access your pages, ask, etc.

Before you go through all the trouble of remaking it (or reverting to a past version of it), it might be worth to give Tumblr’s team some time to fix this first.

p.s. @caierlan & @ofnumbersandpredictions, thanks for the help and support you guys!  Hopefully they WILL find a fix and everything will go back to normal.  Otherwise, I’m keeping all that info preciously in case nothing can be done from their side…

Theme One - Jinsei wa STEP!


My first theme! Theme design isn’t inspired by the song, it’s just what I had in my head. It is fairly basic, but obviously I’m just starting out.

Info -

  • 500px posts
  • 250px wide sidebar & sidebar image
  • Description shows when you hover over the sidebar
  • 3 custom links (can add more - please ask if you need a tutorial!)
  • Customisable colours

Code & Installation Instructions -

  • Download the code here
  • This is a great tutorial on how to cleanly install a custom theme

Terms of Use -

  • Please don’t remove the credit
  • Don’t steal/redistribute this theme and claim it as your own

Credit - 

  • lmthemes for the amazing tutorial that got me started
  • zorkat for the scrollbar

I think that’s all. As it is my first theme it could have a few errors in so if you do use this theme, please let me know if there’s anything wrong! Also, feel free to ask me anything and a few words of encouragement if you do like it wouldn’t go amiss 

Thank you, and enjoy!

Tumblr Theme Reset Glitch

Keep an eye on your blog theme. Tumblr has a recent glitch where some blog themes and theme settings are resetting to their defaults. If this bug strikes your blog, try recovering your custom theme to its latest backup.

From the “Recover Custom Theme” page, choose your blog from the drop-down menu (if needed). Click the “View backups” button. Revert to the latest theme backup then check your blog theme.

If the reversion doesn’t work, seek a cached copy of your blog and check the HTML source to manually restore your theme.


Theme: Devil
Preview: One & Two  / Code
Inspiration for this theme

  • Post Widths: 300px | 350px | 400px | 500px | 540px
  • Icon: 35px x 35px (100px & 250px works fine)
  • 4 Custom Links [ Ask, Archive & Credit]
  • Input your own Blog Title & Second Title
  • Accent Color: Title, Post Icons, Pagination,Tooltips & more
  • Optional Captions | VisiblePost Info | Hover Via/Source
  • Customize colors however you like
  • Pagination At Bottom of Posts
  • Keep Credit Intact

Theme Blog | Faq, Help & Theme Commissions
This theme is optimized for Google Chrome
Screen Resolution: 1366 x 768, will optimize for all screens

Please LIKE/REBLOG if you use or/and are using 
Keep Credit Intact, No using as base or redistributing

Lilac by cyantists  [ preview / code / terms ]

  • sidebar options:
    • on left or right of page, up to eight links.
    • 200px, 210px, 220px, 230px, or 240px wide.
  • post options:
    • 400-500px wide, 1-10px photoset gutter, 100-160px spacing.
    • options to show/hide captions, reblog and like buttons on index.
    • options to show tags on index page: always, never, or on hover.
  • to view all of these and more click the arrows in the top right of the preview

Please like/reblog this post if using.

allena by @mrsthemes

previewpastebin / alt

  • optional post sizes
  • margin options
  • optional font size
  • infinite scroll & load more option
  • show/hide caption
  • optional sidebar icon (60px)
  • back to top button option
  • like and reblog button included


  • video script by @shythemes
  • infinite scroll must be checked if you want the load more button
  • let me know if there is any glitches or something isn’t working!

like or reblog if you’re using and please do not remove the credit.


theme 36: navillera

code / static preview
freetexthost code


  • fade in menu
  • posts width: from 250 to 540px
  • up to eight links
  • like and reblog buttons
  • pagination/infinite scroll/manual load
  • options: background position/repeat, body font/size, title, description, captions, no rescaling*, gutter (make sure to check ‘custom gutter’), margin
  • *no rescaling: on 540px posts, photosets and photos will show on its original size


Live Preview
Code: Pastebin · Pasted

Single column theme with customisable post sizes. Inspired by the blogging website, Svbtle. This theme features large font sizes and is optimised for text-heavy blogs.

Options include colours, images, links, pagination, captions, tags, round edges, post style and sidebar appearance.