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how do you feel about Ruth and Theo?

Okay, I was ready to log off, go to bed, and drift off into dream land, but this is literally so important that I had to answer this now.

How do I feel about Ruth and Theo? Well obviously, as a Sheo shipper, I don’t really want them together. And that’s just me being honest. But I promise it doesn’t sound as badly as it does. Let me tell you why I support Sheo, when I know that Theo and Ruth are together.

This is Theo and Ruth:

They’re both so freaking adorable. Theo is adorable. Ruth is adorable. Two adorable people together equals twice the adorable, and I can’t hate them, together or not.

As long as they’re happy, I’m happy. If they’re content with their relationship, no one is getting hurt, and they can both come back at the end of the day and say, “I still love you more than anyone else,” I am fine with them being together, regardless of my ship.

But, this is Ruth and Theo now:

Doesn’t it seem different (as compared to before)? I’m in no position to judge, but their relationship looks so tired, you know? There’s definitely a rift between them, and I understand why. There’s distance between them now, with Theo shooting Insurgent in America, Ruth for Tyrant in Turkey, and her being back in the UK while Theo is still in America. Travel over long periods of time is completely normal for their career choices, but it isn’t optimal for a relationship to undergo such long term distance…. And I think that’s really taken a toll on them.

Now, here are Theo and Shai, currently, regardless of whether Ruth is present or not:

Don’t they look so happy? Doesn’t Theo, specifically, look so much happier? 

As a fan, I just want to see him happy. And I can see that Shai makes him very very very happy; I can’t judge how happy Ruth makes him, because he hasn’t talked to her or been spotted with her in ages. 

I started shipping Sheo because there’s this undeniable chemistry between them. I saw that all their interactions were very genuine, and that they could make the idea of getting lost in each other’s eyes seem so real despite the idea being made cheesy by the media. And I love that they can still be themselves with each other, while improving each other. 

Worth nothing is that this relationship they built… Has been built in only two years. On the other hand, Theo and Ruth have been dating for five (seven, depending on how you want to count) years, and what they have hasn’t matched, in my opinion, what I see happening between Shai and Theo.

For example:

Theo and Ruth walking down the street - he’s not touching her.

Theo watching Shai speak - he’s not touching her, either, but the way he looks at her says way more.

He’s different with Shai in a good way, different with Shai in a way he can’t be with Ruth.

Look how happy she is with him… It’s mutual.

But, now, let’s link this to this past weekend, during Comic Con when Shai, Theo, and Ruth were in the same room. A lot of Anons were telling me about how Shai looked tired, and how she wasn’t her normal self. I agree - she was more subdued, more careful of her actions, despite Theo (who knew his girlfriend was watching) being his usual self. This is a little farfetched for me to say, but I do think that it’s because of Ruth’s presence, and I think it started showing in her pictures with fans while rock climbing:    

One can credit her look to being tired, but I think it’s something else. I think she went rock climbing because she just needed an escape or something, because her relationship with Theo is bringing her down. I think she still likes (loves) him, yes, but I also think that she’s burdened by the fact that she has such great chemistry with a guy who’s already taken. Like I said earlier, Shai has too much morality to be the other woman in a relationship – but that doesn’t prevent her from stopping her emotions, and that frustrates her… (And as a Shai lover, that makes me really sad)

But I noticed that Ruth was being affected as well:

She looks so sad, too… Sad in a different sense - grumpier - but who wouldn’t be, when their boyfriend looks so content and happy with someone else?

It’s affecting both Ruth and Shai, and they both deserve so much better.

So here’s my stance on both Ruth and Theo, and Shai and Theo: I want Ruth and Theo to break up; I think they’re at their breaking point, I really do. And, along those lines, I’d also like to say that I think it’s for the best. Obviously, Theo is happier with Shai and seems more interested in making things work with her. I don’t think that if he knows that that he should continue dragging on whatever he has with Ruth – because let’s face it. Ruth has been nothing but faithful to Theo – we’ve seen Theo flirting with Shai, but we’ve NEVER seen her with any other guys while Theo’s been away. I think it’s best if they mutually decide that what they have cannot be repaired, and that they both deserve greater happiness. I want her (Ruth) to find a guy who can be completely committed to her, the way Theo is committed to Shai. That way, Sheo can finally be together freely, while Ruth can also find the person who treats her like Theo does Shai.

I’m sorry if my opinion has affected anyone in any way, but I felt the need to express it. Thank you, Anon, for asking. :)

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Takeru Satoh’s reaction to a question about the fireflies scene and possible romantic scenes with emi.

(from an interview with Rurouni Kenshin films’ two lead actors and director Keishi Otomo, watch here: http://www.rappler.com/entertainment/movies/66697-rurouni-kenshin-kyoto-inferno-movie-spoiler-interview)