Well, this is the psd I use for most of my photo edits. It’s usually for bright and pastel edits, especially studio photoshoots and external photoshoots. Anyways, photos with good lightning. (examples 1 2 3 and pretty much all of my pantone edits) In this psd there’s also a layer that transforms blue and cyan into light purple, like in the photo. You can turn it off if it suits you better.



psd 007 made for tiana and naveen’s first meeting, since it’s a hard scene to colour (especially for beginners; it tends to look very purple or too pale). it can be used by itself or as a base to use under another colouring.

please like or reblog if downloading, do not redistribute or claim as your own.



So I recently hit a milestone, and I forgot to post a little treat, so here it is. Since I usually make my psds by myself, I thought I’d share some new ones. They should work on the majority of the clips for the shows they’re made for, and should also work on other shows. Some of the layers might need brightness or contrast adjustments.

Here’s what’s included:

01. OUAT PSD, contains vibrance
02. TVD PSD, contains vibrance
03. PLL PSD, contains vibrance
04. An universal B/W filther that should be added over the used psd.

Please like, or reblog, or both, if you save these PSD’s, I worked pretty hard on them to get them just right.