“A place where gender rules are bent and broken, and we can take this with us when we leave the show and go back out into the world. So if I can keep doing that, through the means of music, filmmaking, and performance art, I’ll be a very happy extra terrestrial.” - Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 (x)


** Justin Bieber Imagine**


Justin had went to a party and you decided to stay in.  By 12 am you have received a call from Justin’s friend Haley and you knew something was up. 

“ I’m not partying tonight.” You told her

“ I know, I know Justin  told us.  I think you need to come get him actually…. “ she told you

“ What’d he do now…?” You sighed rubbing your eyes

“ He’s very drunk and dancing on the table like a maniac. He’s gonna regret it if don’t get him soon.” She giggled

“I’ll be there in a bit” You hung up

When you arrived at the party you could already tell where Justin was because of the crowd around the pool table. 

“ Justin let’s go” You grabbed his hand hoping not to make a scene. 

He made a sad face “ but I’m having fun!” 

Holding his hand you pulled him through the party. “Bye everyone!” you yelled as you exited

You helped Justin into the car and head home. He fell asleep as soon as he was buckled. You smiled to yourself cause he was cute while he slept.  You just thought to yourself “ What am I gonna do with you Justin Drew Bieber.”