** Justin Bieber Imagine** ((Requested by dopexomaha ))

Title: Let me know


You hadn’t been feeling lately recently. The whole week you been having stomach pains, and throwing up. You assumed it was just food poisoning but after speaking to your mom she convinced you to go to the doctor.  

At the check up the doctor told you that it wasn’t food poisoning but that you were in the beginning stage of cancer. You instantly got upset. The doctor reassured you that if you got treatment it could be curable. You told your parents as soon as you got out of the doctors office. You still weren’t sure how you’d tell Justin.

Justin invited you the studio despite that you were feeling a little tired. You loved watching do what he loved so you still came.  At the studio you watched Justin sing and enjoy himself in the booth. You started to feel light headed you started to walk to one of the chairs but everything went black. 

You woke up in a hospital bed. Justin sat beside you looking upset.

“ hi..” you said quietly 

Looking down Justin  said “ why didn’t you tell me?”

“ i , i didn’t know how Justin .” 

He stared to cry “ You mean so much too me. Where gonna get through this together,okay?” 

You nodded your head. He took a bear from behind his back. 

You reached out and grabbed it.

“ Thank you, baby”  

“ You’re welcome. Just know I love you more than anything. “ He told you

“I love you” You kissed him and didn’t want to let go


so guys I wanna give u all a rant about JUSTIN BIEBER. I know ppl hate him bc u all think HE IS A BAD GUY. but c'mon look at this pict and tell me what u think? he cried on VMA after he performed Where Are U Now and What Do You Mean, I mean he was so happy when he’s back ppl respect him. so if u guys still hate him with NO REASON, just think what if you were Justin? pls LOVE HIM OR AT LEAST RESPECT HIM. He deserves HAPPY. He is a good guy.
(sorry for bad english)


**Justin Bieber Imagine ** ((Requested by rosietheturtle ))

Title : Never Know

Imagine …

Your best friend dragged you to a Justin Bieber. She/He told you it’d be life changing, you laughed at that. You decided to come because that was your best friend and  it was front row. You didn’t dislike Justin you just weren’t a fan but you did think he was hot. 

At the concert ,you caught Justin‘s eye out of the thousands of people there surprisingly.  You didn’t believe in love in first sight but this was definitely it.


people who make of Justin bc he cried at the VMAs

let me tell you that he was down in the dirt in the years of 2013…he was facing the down fall of his career and it was a crushing blow.he refused to give in and started making his way to the top again while still  taking very last word thrown at him. 

he was told that his career was over yet he still made a comeback in only 2-3 years and got back up onstage, performed his best at the VMAs, released a single, album on the way and he is so overwhelmed that there are still people by his side. 

it is an incomparable feeling when you mess up and still have people around you supporting you! he has gotten back up, people accepted him and clapped for him! 

last time he was at award show,fr a solid 5 minutes all the crowd booed him! 

he was just very fucking happy and overwehlmed with happiness!



Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean

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