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People who have never been poor love to point out overweight people in the ghetto and sarcastically exclaim, “Yeah, it really looks like she’s starving!” And they have no idea that the reason many of them have weight problems is because everything they’re putting into their bodies is dirt-cheap, processed bullshit. Grab a TV dinner and look at the nutritional information.

Fresh food is expensive and takes forever to prepare. It goes bad quickly, so it requires multiple trips to the grocery store per week, which is something most impoverished people can’t do. And since all of those time-saving frozen meals are high in salt and fat, they take up residence in the expanding asses of the people who can’t afford anything else.

When you finally get to the point where you can afford those grocery trips and fresh ingredients and have the time to prepare them, your taste buds freak the fuck out. They’re not used to it. Vegetables are supposed to be squishy, aren’t they? Is chicken supposed to have this texture?

No, it’s not like you’re eating food for the first time, staring at asparagus in wide-eyed bewilderment, not knowing whether to put it in your mouth or rub it on your skin until it absorbs right into your body. But a lot of this new stuff sucks by comparison because it’s not what you’ve been trained to eat – the flavors and textures are all wrong, and there’s a real temptation to keep eating the same shit until it stops your heart at age 43.

The 5 Stupidest Habits You Develop Growing Up Poor

As children we didn’t know. We didn’t know that the piece of meat on our plate was once a living being with their own desire for life, or that the milk we sipped on belonged to a mother’s child. Our parents were never taught by their parents the reality of what is served on our dinner tables. And neither did theirs. A cycle of culture then begins. A cycle of habits and customs which cause us indifference and ignorance, which in turn leads us to not learning the truth. We have to break free from what we’ve been taught, we have to strip away the lies of society and unlearn the false information passed on from generation to generation. We must take the blindfolds off to evolve as a collective.

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onepersonsechochamber  asked:

How does one think that Pearl reacted negatively to Stevonnie when they first appeared? She was more surprised with Steven fusing with another human.

(Referring to this post)

I feel as though the asker felt asking them to unfuse was a sign she wasn’t comfortable with their fusing, or that she wasn’t being as supportive as Garnet was. And I’d say relative to how Garnet was, Pearl would be seen as espousing a more negative view.

It’s just, when Pearl is surprised or caught off-guard or upset, she tends to revert to what is familiar. 

The entire “I WORE PANTS!” scene in Last One Out of Beach City was a nod to how when things were going wrong or were just being unpredictable, Pearl would rather perform a soft reset than jump into it. 

Part of her character espouses a conservativeness; that’s why her joining the Rebellion is something she always brings up when being told she’s boring. It’s a big step for her, just like how LOOOBC was. So, just following a pattern in the show, Pearl’s big moments are marked by moments of uncertainty. We see it in Sworn to the Sword as well. She’s very surprised by seeing Steven there and it causes the smooth narrative in her head of how hers and Connie’s lives would play out to skip and she has trouble regaining her bearings, instead exploding. 

In later episodes like Mr. Greg, it’s the same thing. When Greg didn’t shout or quip back after hearing “It’s Over,” Pearl was at a complete loss, and she wanted to default to the uneasy silent relationship they had prior to going on the trip.

But it’s not just when Pearl is a little shaken up that we see her grow the most. It’s when, after being shaken, she chooses to continue and face it. Then we see her grow and try to be a better version of herself.

But “morning larks” aren’t just annoying because they’re chipper as a squirrel with a nut made of amphetamines; they’re also annoying because they enjoy all kinds of advantages merely because they’re on a different schedule. Studies have shown that they may be happier and skinnier, and that they may even live longer. All of that, even though they very well might be dumber than night owls. Basically the only negative thing they morning larks have to deal with is the appropriately Ned Flandersian moniker of “morning larks.” And you get the sense that they don’t even mind it.

If those benefits aren’t enough to convince you, inventor / founding father / rap lyric Benjamin Franklin literally wrote a book on the virtues of getting up early (called Early Rising: A Natural, Social, And Religious Duty), and that guy was so good at sex that he was basically magic. That’s a tough endorsement to look away from. 

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Witchy Planner Inserts: Daily Practices

To help bring in 2017 this New Year, I’ve revamped my Witchy “Planner” and to help out my fellow witches here on Tumblr, I’ve decided to make a series of posts of all the things I keep in my Planner. For more about My Witchy “Planner” see this post.

I have a terrible habit of keeping daily habits. However, I do have a list of “Daily Practices” in my Planner for my Spiritual habits. Most of these things are simply suggestions and gentle reminders about what keeps me in touch with my spiritual roots.

For some, this may be a list that is better served taped to the wall next to your bed, or on the bathroom mirror rather than in a book or planner.

Keep your list short.

If you’re a busy person already, making a lost list of daily things you want to do, especially witchcraft or spirituality related, you’re more likely to experience burn out and beat yourself up because you didn’t complete those goals.

My recommendation is to make a list of three important things to do in a day. They don’t have to be complicated or time consuming things. Each one should have a small time limit, such as “dedicate five minutes of my morning or evening to my patron deity.” 

If your daily practices don’t require a lot of time, then they will be easier to maintain, and soon you won’t even think about doing them, they will simply become habits.

Fitness & ritual

Last night as I walked to the gym I realized something. It’s become a habit. Going to the gym after work is what I do. I change clothes, I walk the ½ mile to the gym from my office, and for 45-75 minutes I give it whatever I can. Then I pack it in, I walk another ½ mile to the bus terminal, and finally I go home. It didn’t matter if it meant I got home at 11 p.m. I did it, I do it. I feel wrong if I deviate from any part of that process. Being sick for almost a month, and then having it be so cold that I just couldn’t handle the walk made me realize this. There’s comfort in my process, in my ritual.

If I’m not working out, I’m noticing now that I start to feel just a bit off balance. It’s important now. I’m a long way from 6 months ago when it was okay let’s go let’s do this we have to do this. Now I’m plotting how to get myself going when the gym isn’t an option. I’m looking for my next workout, I’m dreaming of hitting the next goal and knowing I can.