Dear Bro Army and Bosses,

Honestly this nonsense needs to stop. People are attacking each other and YouTubers over this whole ‘anti semite’ bull crap and it’s heart breaking to see. Felix messed up but he’s sorry he’s trying to fix it. The media messed up. They need to get their act together, and our communities have messed up because instead of being respectful and sharing hope and kindness to one another we’ve become spiteful and bitter.
This hatred towards @therealjacksepticeye needs to stop. He simply said he did not condone the JOKE Felix made. He said he DOES support Felix himself both in the video and the follow up post on here and in the YouTube comments of that video. He also said he DOES NOT support the media. Yet people are still calling him a backstabber and being downright nasty toawrds him. Communities are at each other’s throats and are literally tearing each other apart.
If you haven’t noticed Jack has been absent from his usual interactions with us today and yesterday and Felix didn’t even upload yesterday.
It saddens me to see people attacking Jack and Felix not only in the comments of the original videos but in today’s and yesterday’s videos as well.
Here are the facts to summarize
-Felix is not an anti semite. He made a mistake that he is trying to improve and is apologetic for.
-Jacksepticeye does not condone the JOKE Felix made. He DOES support Felix. He does NOT support the media. He’s clarified all that in both a YouTube video and a follow up post. As far as I’m concerned Jack did nothing wrong.
-The usually positive communities are being hateful and spiteful. This needs to end. If you don’t agree with Felix and/or Jack then that’s fine but PLEASE be respectful about it.
-The media, in my opinion needs to apologize and make their stories right.

Let’s all try to work on moving past this nonsense and come back together. I’d hate to see these communities fall apart, Jack stop interacting and Felix to be hurt more than he already has.


Susan Tan tells us how libraries created communities and have impacted her life. 

JSE Positivity

So this is a thank you to the one and only @therealjacksepticeye and to kind of just share how much he’s helped me, now I’ve never done anything like this so please excuse my ramblings! I’ve been subscribed for around 2 years? now (not 100% sure) But one thing I am sure about is how much ‘Jack’ has helped me, how much he’s made me smile and laugh and how much he’s inspired me to be more true to myself, because if he can get up and yell at a video game for a bagilloin hours, then I can go out into the world and really try to connect with people. I don’t think that hate has any place in a community such as this and that this whole drama should just be forgotten, it’s happened why are people so intent on keeping it going. This post isn’t about that though, it’s a thank you, to Jack and an apology for everything that’s happening and happened. So Thank YOU. For everything, every time you’ve made us smile, every time you’ve made us laugh and every time you’ve helped pull one of us out of a dark place. Thank You


In response to Timeless airing it’s season finale, and the fate of the show still being up in the air, let’s look back and remember how Community dealt with the looming threat of cancellation from NBC. 

So I just looking at my follower count and saw I had just over 200 FOLLOWERS!

Thank you so much! It may not seem like a lot to some, but the fact that 200 people thought my blog was good enough to follow means so much to me. I love this site so much. And I know I say it a lot sometimes but I really genuinely love being a part of this community.

As I’m sitting here, putzing away at research to which I don’t feel any particular personal connection, and awaiting angry emails after I notified the department that our retreat this year would again be bring-your-own-mug to cut down on plastic use…I’m left with a recurring thought.

For me at least, the past two years in graduate school (two years?!) have been marked with a constant mantra, and that is, doing things for my fellow students makes all the difference.

No, I didn’t feel like going to a talk at 5pm right after a huge midterm. But I did because my friend and fellow student in the department organized and scheduled the whole thing.
No, I didn’t feel like making soup for 50 people for a big department function. But I did because my lab mate, the one organizing it, asked me to, since she knew she could rely on me to get it done.
I didn’t exactly have the time in my schedule to devote a day to meeting with a department visitor about a tropical fieldwork program. But I did because I knew that the more information I could relay to the students about it, the more likely they’d be to take advantage of a program that could be dissertation-defining, if not career defining.
I didn’t feel it should be my responsibility to help fix the master’s program, but I did, and I’m damn glad I did because it made a difference. The new cohort is 10x happier than we ever were. They have institutional support at a critical time in their short tenure as MA students that we never had.

I decided last spring when I Hated Everything™ that I’d try to be positive because I couldn’t make it another 12 months in the program being that angry. And I decided that the faculty being really onerous, unhelpful, and allowing their petty personal differences to trickle down and affect the students was no longer something I could allow to go unchecked.

So I decided to be a little more smiley. A little more helpful. Tried to cultivate a sense of community around me, for both my benefit and that of my peers.

At the end of the day, the department atmosphere is still tense. The faculty are still extremely difficult. They don’t recognize the hand that they play in all of this.

But in trying to be a source of positivity, I found myself feeling more positive. I found myself making a difference for other students. I didn’t decide to become more involved in the department because I wanted recognition– frankly, I know that will never happen. I did it for my fellow students.

I recall one day when students were discussing how difficult the retreat is; it places a lot of burden on the same students who volunteer, year after year.

We were told by one particular faculty member that it was up to the students to cultivate a sense of “esprit de corps” and that it was our fault that only the same fraction of students volunteered for things.

It was such a slap in the face because here was a professor who actively contributed to the issues in the department. What she didn’t realize is that the students who are always volunteering are the ones who are not yet burned out or insulted by pitching in year after year, and having nothing to show for it.

I learned the other day that one of the PhD students who once volunteered for a lot of things in the department, who has been curiously absent all year, was told during her annual review that she “was too involved in departmental service” and that she “needed to focus on her dissertation.”

She did exactly what I would have done in that situation: she shut herself off, holed herself away in her office to work on her experiments and writing, and basically said “okay fine.”

It’s such a shame because now her positivity and sunlight are effectively gone from the student community. And no one can blame her for doing what she did. But again, the students are the ones that end up paying for the faculty refusing to acknowledge how their actions affect the entire department. That, by the faculty refusing to help out in the department at large, the students who are stuck here for between 5-8 years are the ones who feel compelled to try to make a difference so that they have a shot at a happier environment.

There is the other end of the spectrum too. Students who I never see because they refuse to even be party to the faculty’s nonsense.

I agree with them to some degree, and I can’t blame them. And I think it’s a totally personal choice to decide whether or not to have a department presence. I’m willing to recognize that maybe the only reason I can sustain some form of positivity is because I’m a master’s student and I have a light at the end of the tunnel– my time here is finite.

But speaking for myself, I’m glad that I have a community of friends and colleagues to fall back upon in the department.
They’re my lab mates who have helped me grow as a scientist and a professional, and who have shown me what it really means to lift up and mentor someone.
They’re my cohort, who always have my back, who share homemade chocolates on bad days, and who are just as confused about their futures as I am.
They’re the junior PhD students, who supply us with hard liquor after the biometry midterm, and the senior PhD students who freely share their wisdom and advice.
I don’t do it for the department, I do it for them.

And it’s been a trick balancing my service to the department and the other things I need to get done. One has to be careful because in a department such as mine, you can be taken advantage of and sucked dry. I’m getting close to that point honestly. I only have a few more months left, and not years, so I think I’m okay.

But I’m glad I’ve learned these lessons during my master’s. In some ways, I think these non-tangibles are more important than what I’ve learned in the classroom or in the lab. When I join a lab for a my PhD, I’m looking forward to applying these lessons. I’m looking forward to building a community again, and hopefully continuing to make a difference, however small. And I’m looking forward to using these things I’ve learned to build my own happiness during my next chapter in graduate school.


Hey all, I just wanted to say I am so sorry for not posting Irma’s fashion yet! I’ve been set back due to a brief, yet demanding extra thing in my weekly schedule.

I really hate myself when I don’t meet my deadlines and don’t give you guys what I’ve promised. I love you guys so much and to this day I’m so flabbergasted anyone would be interested in my blog, yet also so pleased to have so members to our community! I will try my very best to get it out this week! ❤️

Ok so heres a thought.

So I know how much you all love world building and such, especially you 90.5% squaders. So I had an idea, how about we do an collaborative work to create a fleshed out world, unrelated to a fandom. before you say “oh it’s impossible” think about this. counting the only 2 people currently on board, we already have the ability to make weapon designs, magic types, and environments. Probably more but that’s the for certain stuff. Imagine what we could do with 3 or 4 people. I’ll be making a doc or slides or something and anyone will be allowed to join and voice opinions, and help. I honestly think if just a few of us work together we can create something great as a community.


P.S. thanks to @doggosdoodles for talking about an area that lighted this idea in my head.

Let's talk

Here’s the thing we as a community are always saying how we want jack to be honest with his feelings and opinions and to be open with us. What I don’t understand is why as soon as he talks about this big topic everyone talks shit. Are community was embarrassing in the comments of that video yesterday. In all my years of going through the comments have I never seen such hate especially towards jack(Sean). It makes me upset. You may not agree with jack but don’t you dare disrespect him like that. If you disagree that’s fine,but don’t be rude about it. I don’t really know how to end this so here…. We love you jack.💚💚 💚💙💚 💚💚