a: tom hiddleston

Good Morning

Title: Good Morning

Rating: M

Description: You wake up a little early, and are more than a little turned on by Tom’s sexy snoring… 

A/N: This short little thing basically just happened because I would rather fantasize about Tom Hiddleston’s scratchy morning voice than get much needed sleep. Enjoy! ^__^ 


You open your eyes, and lie awake in the semi-dark light of way-too-early-morning. Your heart sinks as you realize what day it is: Monday.

But then- you remember just which Monday. A long weekend Monday. Which means another day to spend with Tom.

You roll over quietly, checking to see if your boyfriend is still asleep, which he is. You smile as the sound of his faint, sexy snore fills the room. His snore always turned you on, ever since you started living together and you first got to hear it. It was so masculine.

You nudge his shoulder gently, and he stirs a little. “Mmm?” he mumbles, lifting his head from the pillow and rolling over to face your side of the bed. His eyes adjust, and he frowns as he sees the time.

“It’s 6:00 in the morning, love…” he mumbles in his scratchy, drawling morning voice, another thing that turns you on beyond belief. You grin. “Yeah… but today’s a holiday.” He smiles, and rolls back over to you. “So shouldn’t we be sleeping in?”

You smirk mischievously. “Your sexy snoring is getting me in the mood.” He grins. “Then I guess I’ll just have to snore more often, hm?” You laugh softly as you crawl closer to him, shifting one of your legs to the other side of him so that you straddle his lap under the covers.

You lean down, and give him a deep kiss, feeling the short, scratchy stubble of his yet to be shaven chin. He smiles against your lips, and you shift against his lap, feeling his member start to become stimulated beneath his tight sleeping boxers.

He groans lightly, and moves his hands underneath your tiny white nightie, kneading your hips as you kiss him again.

He takes a breath. “Good morning,” he says with a little laugh, and you bring your hands down over his broad chest, massaging circles around his defined pectorals.

He pauses for breath, then kisses you again as he lifts your nightie above your head, leaving you naked and chilly in the morning temperature.

“Oh, darling…” he mutters, eyeing your breasts with a still tired, yet hungry gaze. He suckles on each one gently, making you moan, and you work on tugging his boxers down.

When you finally do, his painfully stiff erection springs out, no doubt hard from overnight, and you start to run your finger and your thumb from the base to tip, making him quiver under your touch.

After a minute of this, he finally grabs you by the waist, and lifts you up, lowering you onto his cock. You gasp as you take him in, feeling him deep inside of you, filling you so perfectly. You move up, and down again over him, and he bites his lip as you start to bounce, working yourself off of him.

He thrusts upward, heightening your pleasure, and at the angle that you’re both at and the leverage he’s got, he hits your g-spot again and again, bringing you close with every thrust.

“Oh love… just like that,” he encourages, squeezing his eyes shut. You moan loudly. “Oh, Tom, yeah!” He pushes your hips and moves you in time with his thrusts, and you feel your climax approach.

He keeps thrusting, and you both come undone at the same time, breathing each other’s names as you feel his seed spill deep inside of you.

“Thomas…Thomas… oh…” you whisper breathlessly as you come down from the high, feeling his cock throb rhythmically as he loses his breath.

He leans back into the pillow, looking up at you. “I love you so much, you know that?” he asks after a moment, quirking a smile as he tugs you down overtop of him. “I love you more,” you muse, and he chuckles.

“That’s a war best settled in bed. Next time, of course,” he grins, and you nuzzle your head into the crook of his arm as you two drift off back to sleep under the warm, fluffy comforter. 

Imagine going hiking with Tom. You’d met up with some friends at the summit of the trail when you lose your balance and nearly fall down the side of the hill. You don’t fall far before Tom slides down after you, catching your hand in his and pulling you to safety. You’re relatively unharmed, but won’t be letting go of your hero’s hand any time soon.


[x] - requested by anonymous

“No way!” you exclaimed excitedly as you ducked through a tunnel and looked out. Loki had decided to spend the day with you, showing you all his secret tunnels and places. You had lived on Asgard all your life, yet Loki seemed to be showing you a whole new world, full of places you had never explored before. 

“Like what you see?” Loki smirked as he came up behind you, and you looked over your shoulder to nod eagerly. Today was going to be a lot more exciting than you had expected