a: stanley & shirley


Stanley (Lee) and Shirley (Shirl) Pines

Meet Lee and Shirl! Addi and Ford’s (hypothetical) children. They’re twins. Both are named after family members. 

Here’s some fun with genetics! Since Ford is a twin, the chances of him also producing twins is greater than the average non twin. Also, since Ford’s hands are a dominant trait, one or both children would carry traits along those lines. Shirl has six fingers while Lee has six toes. YAY SCIENCE!

The Silent Twins


Words: 805

Characters: Stanford Pines, Stanley Pines, Filbrick Pines & Shirley Pines

Rating: PG-13 

NOTE: Rating will go up in the future. A much darker NSFW version of this story will be written and posted in a different blog by Nia. Our fics will occur on similar timeline but their’s will have additional scenes (NSFW) which I will not write here. So in case you found a fic relating to this AU, keep in mind I do not restrict anyone from writing whatever version they prefer. Same goes to all my other AUs. Everyone is allowed to write/draw however they want. I will not give anyone any restrictions or limits to express their creativity. Just be sure to tag appropriately and put up warnings.

Prologue: Birth

     The cry of a newborn baby pierced the air in the delivery room. His shrill cry brought fresh tears, tears of joy, to Shirley Pines and she gripped her husband’s hand tightly. The midwife passed him to a nurse who paused and gasped then quickly wrapped the baby in a warm towel and passed him to a waiting attendant who then walked to stand next to Shirley. Shirley smiled and cooed at the baby. She wiped at her tears then she looked at her husband with determination, “O-one more…”

    Filbrick patted her hand and placed a chaste kiss on her knuckles, “You’re strong honey. You can do this.”

    When the second child was out of her womb the next fifteen minutes, he was silent. Shirley shook her head and gripped her husband’s hand weakly, her body drained and weakened. The nurse aide gave her her elder twin and then went to quickly get the bathing tub ready to clean the babies. The nurse wrapped the younger twin in a warm towel and gently placed him in her other free waiting arm. She looked at her silent child who was not only silent but still and slightly blue. Shirley began to tremble, her mind racing, questioning, trying to seek answers. She looked at the nurse and midwife who were staring at her silent child, “W-what’s wrong with him?”

    The nurse took her baby, “It’s alright Mrs. Pines.”

    The nurse aide took her other baby, “Here, let me clean him up for you.”

    Filbrick stood nervously next to his wife. He watched the nurse cleaning the younger twin, “W-what’s wrong with the second one?”

    The nurse looked at him then her eyes met the midwife beside her who was observing the baby. She said something to her and she nodded then quickly left the room with the midwife. Shirley raised her hand, “N-no! My baby! Please!”

    “Calm down Mrs. Pines. She knows what she’s doing. Your son will be back in your arms soon,” said the aide as she returned with the elder twin, now clean of blood and wrapped in a clean warm towel.

    Filbrick wrapped his arms around his wife, “Shhh, he’ll be alright!”

    “B-but he’s so… he’s so quiet!” Shirley sobbed.

    The first baby began crying loudly, as if knowing something was wrong with his younger twin. The couple waited fearfully, eyes on the door leading to a separate room. They didn’t know how long they waited. Shirley was cleaned and given a new gown and sitting on the bed nervously. Her husband vigilant at her side. Her elder twin whimpering in her arms. Shirley tried to be strong, her heart thudding in her chest and she whispered silent prayers for her other child.

    Both husband and wife sighed when they heard a shrill cry. The nurse aide who was with them gave them a smile. Filbrick’s hand gripped his wife’s shoulder and gave her a gentle shake as he let out a laugh, “He’s alright! Our boy’s a fighter!”

    The elder twin stirred in her arms and began crying. The midwife and nurse who left earlier returned with a small wailing bundle. The nurse placed the baby in Shirley’s waiting arm and she brought the baby close to her chest. She smiled at him, “You’re a strong one.”

    The nurses and the midwife clapped their hands and smiled at the couple, “Congratulations! You have twin sons!”

    Shirley looked down at her babies and smiled, “Thank you. They’re beautiful.”

    “Will he be alright?” Filbrick asked as he eyed the younger twin.

    The midwife nodded, “Yes. He accidentally swallowed some fluid and had trouble breathing but we were able to coax him to cough it out. He should be fine.”

    The younger twin whimpered and the elder reached out one small hand and held his younger brother’s hand in a tight grip, calming him instantly. Shirley gasped and Filbrick moved to see what she saw, his brows knitted together when he noticed his eldest twin had six fingers. He looked at his wife, worried about her but then he relaxed when he saw her grin, “Six fingers! That’s like.. an extra finger friendlier than normal!”

    The nurses and midwife chuckled at her words.

    “You silly woman,” Filbrick laughed and pecked her cheek as one large hand gently cupped the elder twin’s head. The baby stirred and cooed, imitated by his twin. Filbrick’s eyes softened at the sight and he smiled, “They’re beautiful.”

    “What’re you going to call them?” asked the nurse aide who was younger than the nurse. Her eyes were wide and cheeks flushed as she eyed the babies. Shirley glanced at her husband who shrugged, “How about… Stanford and Stanley?”

    Shirley looked down at her sons, “Stanford and Stanley. Ford and Lee. They sound nice honey. Welcome to the world little ones.”

(I can’t draw baby Stans in GF art style… OTL. But this will do!)