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ik ur a game grumps blog but thank u for talking about politics because you organize it in an easily accessible way and i wouldnt have any idea whats going on without you

no problem! real talk though, the reason why it’s so hard to keep up with US politics right now is because trump’s campaign benefit from/use russia’s contemporary propaganda model, which aims to confuse and overwhelm its audience. some distinctive features:

  1. high-volume and multichannel 
  2. rapid, continuous, and repetitive
  3. lacks commitment to objective reality 
  4. lacks commitment to consistency

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Okay. Okay so. I clicked one of the "suggested for you" things after reblogging a Yuri on Ice post and it brought me here and I was like, ooh, this super talented person is making a Yuri on Ice doujin? Sign me the fuck up?? and then and then and then I looked over at your sidebar thing and you are also the author of TJ and Amal???? which I read two years ago and loved so much that I reread it basically every few months???? I can't believe this????? I'm really freaking out??? Hi?????

ahhh hi! :D  Thank you for enjoying TJ & Amal!

And yep, I’m working on a Yuri on Ice doujin with another webcomic artist (I’m not sure if they want me to use their main pen name or not), and we’re hoping to put it out in late February. The title is “Pair Skate” and it will be PDF-only (but printable at 5.5 x 8.5 inches), around 20-24 pages, and for 18+ only. 

Been using it as a way to try out new + faster page production techniques, and it’s fun so far!

(edit to add: I vastly prefer doing sketches/tight pencils on paper rather than digitally, so I’ve been doing that and then using my Surface Pro’s camera to snap a picture, then inking over THAT in Manga Studio. It works really well so far!)

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Hello :) How can you place your clutter so close to each other? Like in here: post/156075335260. Thank you! :D

Hey, Anna! :)

  1. Open the cheats console with Control + Shift + C.
  2. Type the cheat code “bb.moveobjects on”.
  3. Pick a small clutter/decor object (a little bottle or a box for example).
  4. Press and hold Shift and place this object as many times as the surface you want to clutter lets you. You need to fill all the empty spots on the surface that are available.
  5. Clone the surface object with a dropper tool and place the duplicate next to the original one.
  6. Pick the clutter item you want to place on your surface.
  7. Place it on the duplicate surface (you need it to “remember” the height of the surface).
  8. Press and hold Alt and take the clutter item from the duplicate surface and place it on your original surface (holding Alt!). There will be no “fixed” spots so you can place your objects whenever you want.
  9. Repeat this for every item you want to see on your surface (don’t forget to hold Alt when you taking objects from the duplicate surface).
  10. Delete all the clutter objects you placed on the surface to fill its spots.
  11. Delete the duplicate surface.
  12. TADAH! :D

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If there was (hypothetically) a 4th episode do you think Mary's DVD in the TFP could end up being apart of her plan to burn the heart out of Sherlock? I mean if the memory drug and unreliable narrator theories are real the DVD could still exist and he could rewatch it later, making his memory of it accurate. If that's what happened, maybe the "who you really are doesn't matter" quote was meant to make his self loathing worse and stop him from trying to go further with John. What do you think?

Probably… A lot about S4 has me questioning everything’s validity, since it’s so inconsistent with the previous seasons. It ALL feels like “unreliable narrator”. I still believe wholeheartedly that Mary was and is a villain. She posthumously wanted Sherlock to die; she didn’t know that John was going to see the DVD Sherlock watched… a part of me wonders why John didn’t clue in that is essentially what Mary tried to do, but anyway. 

So yes, I mean, you can see it in that last bit where he’s telling Culverton that he doesn’t want to die, the very last one is choked out; he really believed John wasn’t going to come then.

I don’t honestly know how Moriarty/Mary intended to “burn out Sherlock’s heart” unless John himself was the one dying. Perhaps, I think for the idea was to literally separate them from each other and make Sherlock think John doesn’t like him anymore, which Mary did spectacularly. Too bad John has no idea how much Sherlock needs him.

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Hello, Have you ever heard of any information regarding Asagiri sensei and Hirukawa 35 sensei before they began BSD?

We’ve answered a couple of asks regarding Asagiri before. To add some details to those, he has said that after 2-3 years in his salaried job, he started seriously wanting to be a scenario writer. After quitting and while searching for jobs in his dream field, he decided to first make/upload something for free to get some attention, so he went with a project he’d had in mind for awhile. Four months later, Monthly Young Ace contacted him, and asked him to bring some story ideas to the editor-in-chief. And thus BSD was born.

As for Harukawa35 - Hirukawa is a common typo, but the artist’s name is actually Harukawa! - according to Japanese Wikipedia, Bungou Stray Dogs is their debut as a manga’s main illustrator. However, they also worked on Sora no Hoshi and Rejet’s SEVENTH HEAVEN and Oz to Himitsu no Ai.

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i read somewhere that there's only going to be a fifth season if ben and martin are willing to work together. apparently they don't actually like working together. have you heard anything about this? do you think it's true?

It’s NOT true. Come on, have you seen them together? Have you seen their last setlock… this setlock has been absolutely great. Ben and Martin love working together. Don’t let clickbait articles tell you otherwise. 

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Goddamn, where did these onions come from!? I feel so sad for poor Luke 😭😭😭

Yeah, he went through a rough patch… and I enjoyed it :D Not because I’m getting off on my characters suffering, but because it’s always a pleasure to see someone acting like a mature person :p I mean, he changed a lot during the course of his life, from the guy who told his girlfriend, “I don’t think you love me enough, bye” to the guy who actually understands that you need to make some tough choices to have something you value the most, because you can never have it all. I guess most of us go through these stages and revelations, and they cannot take place outside of some difficult life situations. After all, the only thing that is able to make you stronger is the one that tries to kill you, or it feels like it tries to kill you anyway xD

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Ahhh, so frustrating ;A; I stayed up instead of going to sleep, kept refreshing like crazy, even had the would you like to try the free trial message, and still didn't get it ;A; Wish vlive had given out a few more free trials, with almost 4mill followers >-<

ARMYs are no joke ;_; hehe~ I tried too but the page wouldn’t load and keep getting error hahaha~ not even the minute the free trial is gone already sigh ;_;