a: kagura

Gintama 667

Now that’s what I call a bloody intense chapter!

This is still so heartbreaking!

Umibozu is back and he ain’t dead after all! Looks like just his prosthetic arm has taken the blow.

And here comes my best boy, Kamui! Despite the “friendship-magic” cliche, at least he’s having his time to shine again, which I’m always glad to enjoy!

The Yato family teamwork action is always sweet to watch, music to my ears!

Kamui and Umibozu let Kagura go “one-punch” on Utsuro’s butt, badass! Though, I wish it was Kamui to have punched him, since the Yorozuya main trio has already been hogging the glory for quite some time.

The Shinsengumi guys are once again, back! It’s good to see everyone alive.

Epic! Shinpachi should have always been that serious and badass, not just the “straight man/tsukkomi” type.

Everyone gathered! So get up you guys, ladies are praying for you! LOL

Why does this panel suddenly sadden me so much? Oh no, I don’t want to shed tears for this monstrosity at all, not after what he’s done.

Now that everyone is in the picture, I hope to see more of Yato family screentime, since there’s just not enough of them. And I wonder when will Sakamoto and Zura come to join the rest.

so i’ve decided to do commissions! (I always have been open for commissions though) I need a bit of money to make prints and a few things for a con I want to go to. 

  • 1 - 3 Pokemon drawn simple and colored is $15
  • 3 - 6 Pokemon with a oc trainer starts around $35 (so 3 pokemon with a trainer is $35 but adding more pokemon plus depending on the team might be a bit more)
  • 1 Pokemon with an oc trainer/already existing pokemon trainer is $25 (example: ash and pikachu or your oc and a pokemon)
  • black and white drawings (1 pokemon and/or 1 trainer) is $10 if you want to add more pokemon its $1 each (example: a black/white drawing of ash and pikachu or just black/white ash is $10. if you want ash with 4 (including the one you get already in the commissions) other pokemon, it’ll be $13)
  • if you want something that isn’t listed then just message me and we can discuss it! So if it isn’t pokemon related, we can talk about the pricing or whatever.

the only things I won’t do are NSFW (sexual situations and guro)