a: kagura

NaKa Drabble - Didn't expect to see you here
  • Natsu: *sitting on the sidelines as Mira and Erza make poses for Jason on the beach* These photoshoots are always so boring... I just wanna fight monsters!
  • Happy: Well, they seem to be having a good time~. And I think they want you to watch them, 'cause they keep glaring your way!
  • Natsu: Why? It's not like I haven't seen them naked before, during bathtime. What's so exciting about seeing them in swimsuits?
  • Happy: *smirks, crosses his tiny arms, and shakes his head sagely* You really are a novice when it comes to this stuff~.
  • Natsu: What stuff?
  • Happy: Sometimes, there are people's opinions you value over others. *at Natsu's blank face, he adds* They just want you to appreciate them, silly~.
  • Natsu: I do! They're kick-ass S-Class Wizards! Why wouldn't I appreciate them?!
  • Happy: Nooo. They want you to admire their bodies~.
  • Natsu: o.o Is this some pervert thing? 'Cause they kinda beat it outta me when they gave an 'improved version' of the Old Man's 'Birds and the Bees' talk. Perverts are bad.
  • Happy: Didn't stop ya from wanting to check up on Lucy in the shower~.
  • Natsu: ... Okay, so my inner pervert's not completely dead yet. But it's okay to perv on Luce, 'cause she can't kick my ass like Erza and Mira can.
  • Happy: Ahhh, now that makes sense. The Lucy Kick pales in comparison to Erza and Mira's Glares of Doom. I get it~. *nods sagely*
  • Natsu: It's not just the glares! They can twist me like a pretzel!
  • Happy: *sarcastically* But you're totally gonna kick Erza's ass in your next spar~.
  • Natsu: Exactly!
  • Kagura: ... Natsu-san? What are you doing here? *walks up to the pair of them from the nearby changing rooms*
  • Natsu: o.o Oh, hey, Kagura! *looks her up and down* Whoa. You do these photoshoot things now, too?
  • Kagura: *blush* Milliana and Risley talked me into it... This is just degrading. *looks away in shame*
  • Natsu: I don't think you look half bad at all~.
  • Kagura: *blush intensifies* Wh-Wh-What are you saying all of the sudden?!
  • Natsu: *tilts his head from side to side and nods* Yeah! Like, I'm no pervert, but you look great! And I'm in a Guild with girls known for their looks. (^▽^)
  • Kagura: o__o Are you... flirting with me...?
  • Natsu: I don't think so...? You just seemed really uncomfortable 's all.
  • Kagura: ...
  • Natsu: ...
  • Happy: ≖‿≖
  • Kagura: *blush is back* W-W-Well... um... I should probably get ready for my shoot... um... Will you be posing for Jason at any point?
  • Natsu: Nah. Erza and Mira dragged me here, but it's boooring... >__>
  • Kagura: ... I see...
  • Natsu: I mean, I see Erza and Mira all the time, so that's probably why. If it's you, this shoot thing might not be so bad... might get interesting~...
  • Kagura: (´д`) *mutters* Why is Natsu-san so hard to read...
  • Happy: 'Cause he's stupid!
  • Natsu: Am not! :P
  • Happy: He just goes with his gut when he talks. Or his heart, I guess~. (^▽^)
  • Kagura: o__o Speaking from the heart is... admirable... *face has gone completely red* I... I must go...
  • Natsu: Can I watch?
  • Kagura: If... If you insist... *walks off stiffly, but Natsu watches with rapt attention*
  • Happy: Erza and Mira aren't gonna be happy, you cheater you~.
My Favourite Anime Pairings

                                          Okita x Kagura {Gintama}

                                         Natsu x Lucy {Fairy Tail}

                                    Roy x Riza {Fullmetal Alchemist}

                                     Hak x Yona {Akatsuki no Yona}

                                   Andrew x Akko {Little Witch Academia}

                                        Alibaba x Morgiana  {Magi}

                                   Taichi x Chihaya {Chihayafuru}

                                           Hinata x Yachi {Haikyuu!!}

                               Atsushi x Kyouka {Bungou Stray Dogs}

                              Souma x Erina {Shokugeki no Souma}