a: kagura

gintama pr twitter tweeted bout a special popup store @ Ikebukuro P'Parco on 3rd floor, that will sell collab goods with Dash Store from february 18th ~ march 2nd.

they havent released actual visuals of the goods yet but im guessing it’ll include the outfits the four of them are wearing

ok im usually a hijikata fan but like yoooo how can i ignore sougo looking fresh af on the side???? like im just getting flashbacks of that one scene in meangirls (س˘ཀ˘)س

Gintama anime ep 319/manga chaps 559, 560, 561, & 562

Dear Gintama gods and Sorachi-sama,

To spare you the ordeal of reading even more lengthy letters from me when I had already written to you previously about each chapter, I will instead share with you what I am especially grateful for in each episode during this new season. I am as always thankful for your tolerance and most importantly for granting us the gift of Gintama. Please don’t let this be the last season of the show.

I am thankful for the following:

- Little Kagura. I got teary-eyed as soon as her tiny little voice started speaking. I just want to give her a big hug.

- Abuto. For being the only person other than Kagura who completely understands the idiot father and idiot son.

- The gorilla mangaka. Without him, we would have nothing.

- Sakamoto’s wildly accepting sexual preferences. You gotta applaud his open-mindedness.

- Zura’s wildly accepting…preferences? Ok, he thought he was talking to Tae-chan, but the gorilla lady is holding onto him as if they’re on a date so…I can’t decide if he secretly prefers gorillas or Tae-chan.

- Bansai’s laser finger. It gave me a good laugh. I should also just say I am thankful for Bansai in general; I especially love how he’s practically fanboying over the Joui boys throughout the last episode and this one.

- Sleeping Beauty. Seriously Takasugi is so pretty when he’s asleep.

- Loyal multi-species comrades. We all need some.

- Zura Katsura Kotarou the delicate and effeminate Joui leader and former member of the Joui Elite Four, feared as the Rampaging Noble and Runaway Kotarou, Katsura Kotarou, type AB, whose fortune for today is moderate, if you sweat the small stuff you’ll regret it.

- Elizabeth. Just cuz.

My favorite manga to anime scene: