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Certain night:
  • Kagome: Turn around and let me do it!
  • Inuyasha: No! I don't like it that way!
  • Kagome: Come on! Just this once! I want to know how it feels.
  • Inuyasha: This is NOT how things work, Kagome! THAT is not natural!
  • Kagome: I'm not asking for much! Just turn around and I'll do the rest, show me your back.
  • Inuyasha: B-but--
  • Kagome: But nothing! Stop whimpering and do it!
  • Inuyasha: Kagome! For fucks sakes, we can do that tomorrow night!
  • Kagome: Nah! That's what you said last night.
  • Inuyasha: B-but!
  • Kagome: Come on! Turn around and let me be the big spoon for once in your life!

A/N: This fic just kinda poked at me one night while listening to some tropical tunes. I got to thinking how funny it would be if Inuyasha unluckily found himself in charge of navigating Kagome on the open sea in search for her pod of whales. 2300 words. (Unedited, but will edit soon!)

“You’ll never get the mast up that way.”

Kagome twisted around with an arched eyebrow, surveying the area for the location of the voice. But there was nothing but the gentle crash of waves on the dock, and the black beady eyes of a seagull staring back at her as he stood in wait for scraps on a stained wooden beam. (Which, joke’s on him because she didn’t have money for any snacks today.)

“Over here.”

She moved her head to the right and sure enough there was a man; looking at her with a mix of confusion and…disdain? She blinked twice and then righted herself, trying to place if she knew him or not, (trying to not be distracted by the tanned sleeveless arms crossing his chest).

No certainly not, she’d recognize that silvery white hair (and impressive frown) anywhere for sure if that were the case. There’s no way she’d forget him so easily.  

“I’m sorry do I know you from…?” She hedged, waiting for the man to confirm they were strangers. But then his expression evolved quickly into unexpected disappointment and she worried her bottom lip, second guessing herself.

“No, guess not.” He shrugged almost like he had given up on a very daunting task, then pivoted on his foot to start briskly walking towards a tiny slop of a bar at the end of the boardwalk. Kagome tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear, only to have it fall back into her eyes.  

“Wait, what were you trying to say?”

He stopped and glanced back with pricked ears.

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anonymous asked:

Do you prefer Kagome with blue eyes or brown eyes? :)

I actually think gray eyed Kagome is best! 

I owned the first two volumes for so long that’s the most canon to me personally. But I love all the eye colors. Most the time the eye color you see me draw is whatever the author in a fic I most recently read used for her.