a: jeremy renner


Post credits scene from Black Panther: 

Clint is training, all of his arrows disappear before hitting the target.
A sudden wind. A fast blue light. Clint turns around, and …

You gguuuuuuuyyyyssss!!!!

This is a thing that’s happening for me:


I am going to die. Lol.

My friend keeps trying to get me to enter that contest for lunch etcetera with Renner lol, but I can’t, because this is exactly how it would go down:

Only I would be singing this in the bathroom instead lol:

It would just be too much lol.

I can’t even right now omg.

Spike is going to be there too. A lot of people I like a lot lol. But too much!

I will probably need a wheelchair.



Pretty late to this, but I finally decided to rank these and make a definitive list.

My Favorite Films of 2016!