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The “my little random moments of pleasure” series - Kings of Con: Epi 10. Arlington, VA - N°1


“I had to look out for you. That’s my job.” Jensen said as Dean. He choked, staring at you, unable to finish the scene. “I’m sorry. I need a second.” He shook his head and walked off, disappearing off the set. 

Jared made a move to go after him but you held him back. “I’ll go.” Jared nodded and let you take off running in the direction Jensen went. You caught up quickly, finding him sitting on the steps of his trailer. You took a seat next to him, lacing your fingers together and kissing his temple. “Hey.” 

“Hi.” He murmured, giving you a small smile through the tears still running down his face.

“Wanna tell me what happened back there?” You questioned. “Get a little bit too invested?” 

“I just - I wasn’t seeing your character anymore I was seeing you.” Jensen explained, his grip on your hand tightening involuntarily. “The thought of anything happening to you…if I couldn’t stop it…I don’t know what I’d do. I love you so much.” 

“I feel the same way about you, you know. Let’s just hope neither of us have to find out.” You rested your forehead against his, cupping his face with your free hand. “Ready to head back?” 

“Can we just stay here for a few minutes?” Jensen leaned in, pressing his lips gently against yours.

“Only if you keep kissing me like that.” 

“Deal.” Jensen smiled, crashing his lips back into yours. 

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Seriously this scene was surreal.

Dean and cas are totally lost in each other’s eyes while Sam and Dean are talking in the background.

Every time i rewatch this scene i can’t help but imagine Uriel saying : “We’re wasting time with these mud monkeys , Sam. They are too busy eye-fucking each other to find a solution”  lol.

but there’s more

Cas: I suggest you move quickly

Me: Well maybe he can move quickly if you stop eye-fucking him for 2 minutes after every sentence.





This is thought of as being part of the LwR universe but it can be anything really. We are at Critics Choice Awards, January 2015. (I know the pic is from 14 but I had to fit it with my LwR timeline).

Stop Staring

“Mr. Ackles?” The reporter tried to get Jensen’s attention back, much to Jared’s amusement.

“Yeah good luck with that. Whenever he sees Y/N he kinda zones out,” Jared teased instantly drawing Jensen’s attention back to the interview. Jensen sent Jared a stern glare, even though he couldn’t help but smile a little when the female journalist awwed beside him.

“So married life is good? I know you just got married, but is there any babies coming anytime soon?” the journalist teased. Before Jensen had a chance to wiggle out of the answer, not really wanting to answer since it wasn’t even something he and Y/N had discussed yet, Jared took over.

“Who knows with the way he is staring at her, she might be pregnant already.”

It occurred that Jensen wanted to kick Jared in the shin, but right now he wanted the kick to be especially hard. Luckily Y/N turned around, abandoning her interview to pretend to tell Jared off.

“Moose I can hear you, you know,” Y/N pressed her hands to her hips raising her eyebrows at Jared, making Jensen laugh and Jared try to hide behind him. Y/N smiled and shook her head returning to her interview and Jensen smiled at the reporter.

“No just yet, no.”

“So Jared with Y/N on set do you miss having Genevieve around?” the reporter turned her attention towards Jared, and Jensen’s eyes wandered back to Y/N once more. He knew he should focus rather than staring at his new wife. The habit was hard to break through, after having returned from New Zealand just a few days ago. He missed being alone with her. He had been thrilled to be back home and around Becca, but the LA buzz made him miss their suite. It made him miss being able to stare at her for at long as he wanted and as hungry as he wanted with no one but her to notice.

Jensen smiled when he saw the slight blush creep up her neck. He knew she felt his eyes on her again and he knew he was going to pay for staring at her so bluntly, not only in public but around hundreds of cameras. He didn’t care. Whatever punishment she could think of it would be worth it.

A big grin slid across Jensen’s face as she turned around slightly, when she moved down the line sending him a scolding look. Jared leaned closer whispering into Jensen’s ear a chuckled as they started to move. “Dude stop staring. You’re already in trouble.”

“I know,” Jensen smirked, barely taking his eyes off his wife’s ass, “but it’s worth it.”

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Unexpected News

Summary: Y/N’s character on the show is dating Sam. In real life Y/N is Married to Jensen and they find out some surprising news.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1254

Warnings: Le fluff

A/N: Beta’d by @impala-dreamer and request by @scxrchy

Jared and Jensen were arguing, as per usual. Jared was the most competitive person you had ever met; he hated to lose. He would fight playfully about anything. When he would lose to Jensen, he would brag about how he kissed you first.

Jared stuck his tongue out nagging Jensen, “Ha ha, I kissed your wife first.”

Jensen rolled his eyes,“Not this again, she was forced!”

Jared huffed and stuck his nose up in the air, “I still kissed her first, and I was friends with her first.”

Jensen threw his arms up, “That’s ‘cause you knew her from House of Wax so they casted her as Sam’s girlfriend.”

Jared put his hand on Jensen’s shoulder, “Whatever helps you sleep at night, buddy.”

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KINGS OF CONversation – Bloopers start at 57:26