a: jared padalecki


Jared knew how hard the day had been on Jensen. Jensen talked about going to find Jared earlier during autos when he got emotional and Jared giving him a pep talk and hugging him. This panel was kind of a continuation of that. So even though it had only been going on for about half an hour, Jared decided to rescue Jensen by having the whole cast come out and give him a group hug. 💙



This is just to illustrate how deeply moved Jensen was that the hotline could help people, maybe even save someone who was thinking of hurting themselves. If you read Jared’s chapter in the new book from Fangasm, Family Don’t End With Blood, you know that he was in a very dark place two years ago right around JIBCon and needed help. This is a big deal for Jensen because he wants to make things better for other’s who felt the same way. And the rest of the cast really tried to comfort Jensen this weekend when all of this hit him and he had to (as he put it) “take a knee”. That’s a beautiful thing. (JIB8)

I want everyone who hates on supernatural to shut the fuck up. The cast and fandom have done so much good. The charities they’ve supported, created, and organized have changed lives. And they care. They genuinely care about the fans and the people they’ve helped. I don’t care if you don’t like the show, if you think it’s been on air too long, or the mishapocalypse was annoying, none of that matters. The show has brought joy, love, support, and friendship to so many people. So y'all who post hate can suck on a rock forever.