a: inuyasha

Queen Kagome

A little scene @mustardyellowsunshine and I headcanoned ages ago. 

Inuyasha stood beside the throne with his arms crossed and a sour expression that he directed at the so-called noblemen standing before him. 

“Inuyasha,” called a voice softened so that only he would hear.
He glanced back, saw a young Queen on her velvet covered throne and looked at her carefully. Despite the straight-set of her shoulders and the elaborate clothing, complete with a delicate silver crown, he could still see apprehension in those blue eyes he knew so well.

“Don’t worry,” he whispered back. “I have all my men on high alert and everyone in the assembly was checked thoroughly. I even did a twice over of the place before I let you come in.”

She nodded, but still, he sensed her uneasiness.
A small reassuring smile found him then. “Kagome,” he intoned softer. “I’ll be right here the whole time. Nobody’s going to try anything today. And even if they do, you know I’ll protect you with my life.”

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