a: inuyasha

Just a reminder that Sesshomaru x older Rin is official.

Thanks to a CD drama released after finishing the anime. 

Sesshoumaru: Rin, have you grown accustomed to life in the village?
No one is bullying you or anything?
Did you make a kimono out of the cloth I gave you the other day?
When you are troubled, or anxious, or sad, or any other time, feel free to call on me.
I will come to you immediately.
Even if we are far apart, if you call my name I will absolutely come flying to you.
If you cannot speak, you can whistle. Whistle through your fingers, if you like.
Distance is no object. Our hearts are tied together.
With the power of trust, there is nothing to fear.
Simply having that feeling should be enough to fill your heart.
That is why it is fine for things to remain as they are for now.
We have plenty of time.
You can examine your heart at your own pace.
Until then, take care of yourself.

Kagome adds: That sounds like a proposal.

If you want to listen to the entire CD Drama it’s called Asatte.

Your Inuyasha boyfriend:

Aries: Kōga

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Taurus: Hakudōshi

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Gemini: Kohaku

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Cancer: Inuyasha

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Leo: Miroku

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Virgo: Jakotsu

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Libra: Bankotsu

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Scorpio: Sesshōmaru

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Sagittarius: Naraku

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Capricorn: Takemaru

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Aquarius: Hiten

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Pisces: Inu no Taishō

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