a: human again

-_- i also acknowledge that twin trolls are totally possible but on alternia it’s way more complicated than just getting born together and picked up by the same parent

I know I just made this exact post but I am not – and will never be – over the fact that ppl are rlly out here leaving google reviews on the alps and volcanoes and the pacific fuckin ocean like?? This is the pinnacle of human hubris?? If I were God I’d just be like “yeah well make your own damn planet then if you’re so smart. A 4.5 on the Mississippi River? Unbelievable”


The look on his face…

He’s so in awe, and not because he’s human again, but because of what it means

She loves him.  And it was strong enough to break the curse.  He can’t believe that he’s lucky enough to have someone who loves him that strongly.

I mean, this is a guy who grew up without love, probably accepted that no one was ever going to love him…in fact, before the curse, I bet he forgot what love was.

This is the face of a man who finally found it again, staring him in the face.  I could look at this reaction forever.

Thor: [Loki tried to kill me] several times! Once when we were kids. He turned into a snake because he knew I was fond of them and when I picked him up he turned back into himself and yelled “BOO IT’S ME” and then stabbed me


guess what: there’s a Limit of Pictures you can add to a post. Tumblr is destroying all my precious work –
anyway it’s the flower!AU !! “flirting” part 1 !
headcannon; Dean sucks at flirting with Cas (he’s to beautiful)

the text I couldn’t include ‘cause hey, I wanted it to be on a seperate page.
Dean: “Today’s the day !
The day ..
where I’m gonna
flirt with him ! “

there’s also a ugly Dean reaction I didn’t included because it’s ugly and Tumblr wouldnt let me ..


Today, on the 21st of September, Filipinos from all walks of life march for human rights, and against tyranny.

(I do love this country, warts and all.)

(And shout out to all the schools using their social media platforms to give voice to the cause, and to their faculty, staff, and students who are using the cancellation of classes to join the march.)



I really LOVE the Beauty and the Beast remake, but I wish the producers would have included the song "Human Again" where the servants would imagine themselves when the curse was broken and perform the song in their human forms.