a: everybody

really tho i’m so tired of seeing those posts that r like “stop trying for people who don’t show any effort” because like…….idk bout any of u but i’m emotionally n mentally screwed and sometimes it is very -very- hard for me to show someone that i genuinely want their time and attention because the only thing my mind is set to when trying to get close to them is ‘don’t get too close. they’ll hurt u. push urself away. be distant. whats the point if they’ll only leave anyway.’ and i can’t help that…..? i mean yea i’m trying to get better with it but seeing those posts jus make me feel like such shit for it, its so tiring lol

“cast some light & you'll be all right”

Cassian has had so little opportunity over the years to be gentle. He wants to be gentle with Jyn.

Or, the one where Cassian doesn’t like one-sided sex and Jyn isn’t used to having a partner who wants to make time for her.

Expect the day where I don’t rec porn with feelings to be the day where I have died on the inside.


Sometimes when I’m out and about and everything seems kind of boring and gray, I look around at the other people passing me by and think “none of them know just how much Santa Claus porn I’ve written” and that’s one thought to smile at–but then the second thought is that I’m just assuming that they haven’t written more Santa Claus porn than me, and that, ultimately, there’s just no way to know that when you see a stranger. And that usually makes me laugh