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How the hell am I supposed to feel? How does everybody else feel? He’s out there, and he probably is messed up because of you too-

Michael, I told you, was bringing you down- You wanted something, I gave it to you. You left him so easily because of it because you knew what you had to do. You knew he was useless to this, he never mattered.

It wasn’t just me. You did this too. You hurt him and left him in a restroom that one Halloween night.

I did it for you, he was nothing- And you are nothing to him. I can already tell he has someone else.

And don’t you ever dare say that again.. I can’t just- Keep listening and believing in everything you say- I can’t. You’re the one who needs to go now.

Richie Tozier hasn’t spoken a word to anybody since he came to Derry in the middle of the school year. Until he talks to Eddie Kaspbrak.

Previous chapters: Chapter one. Chapter two. Chapter three. Chapter four. Chapter fiveChapter six.

Chapter seven.

It is two days to Christmas. Richie lies and Eddie doesn’t know why. Richie disappears and Eddie doesn’t know where to—and Eddie would call but Richie’s only got Eddie’s phone number, not the other way around. It has been days without word from Richie, and all Eddie can do is hope he is okay. Passing by the big brown house is enough, Eddie supposes; when he is walking down the street he stares up toward the second story window, the one from which music erupts. And Eddie just knows. Richie plays bass from his bedroom in the big brown house. He wants to separate himself, for whatever reason, doesn’t want to talk to Eddie, or hang out.

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Hey. Hey psssst. You know what?


I really, really love all of my mutuals and the only reason why I’m not hugging them tightly right now is because of distance and travelling issues, because boy, do they deserve all the hugs and love and I really hope they are all doing great and know that I’m rooting for them.


Love you guys! =D

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Hey so I have this headcannon that demons have a “mating season” of sorts, it only happens every so often but it just so happens that Sebastian experiences it during his servitude to ciel. I’ve always pictured that Ciel has to chain him up in the dungeons and avoid him for a few weeks because the demon’s mind is completely consumed by a lust so powerful he could literally kill Ciel. You look into those eyes and there’s no sebastian there – just a monster. Thoughts?

My thoughts are as follows: Ciel puts him in chains just in case the order to stay put in the dungeon is lost in Sebastian’s lust-addled brain, but he knows in the back of his mind that the demon won’t be bound by simple metal cuffs and links. If he wanted to, he could break free in an instant. It’s not exactly fear that settles in Ciel’s bones each night when he crawls into bed. It’s anticipation, trepidation, curiosity. Would Sebastian really break free, appear in his room and take him violently from behind? Would he bury his claws and teeth in him and tear his flesh from his bones as he thrust away, feeding the sexual hunger that a human body could most likely never sate? How strong would this drive to mate be? Would Sebastian be completely lost to it? When would Ciel be safe to touch his demon again, without worrying that he would ignite something in him that even Sebastian couldn’t control? Oh, the possibilities. Ciel can’t help but wonder. Maybe he slips out of bed one night and traipses downstairs, just to see. In the basement dungeon, he comes face to face with the shell of his butler, eyes dead like the demon he is. You’re right, there is no Sebastian there. Just the monster that lies within, the one that has been kept dormant for all these years and now struggles to break free. He exudes a pheromone that no one can resist, and Ciel is instinctively pulled closer. The monster recognizes him, and for an instant, Sebastian reappears, looking at his young master with pure hunger. Ciel knows he can’t touch him or he will be destroyed. But he’s Ciel, so he pushes it. He stands on tiptoes, a hand on either side of Sebastian’s body, supporting himself on the wall as he whispers to him. Tells him to pull himself together, to endure this pain that he must surely be feeling, blind with lust and unable to act because of his master’s order. The sooner this is over, the better. The earl needs his butler.

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Even Ramsay? Or Roose?

Are you asking if I think that they have some layer of depth, that they’re not one-note villains who wake up in the morning thinking “gosh, what evil can I do today?” Yeah.

There’s nothing for the reader to sympathize with, therefore they could never be POV characters (per GRRM), but they’re not shallow caricatures. Roose is motivated by ambition and by desiring “a peaceful land, a quiet people” and by “playing games with men”. Ramsay, among other things, has a severe inferiority complex and all that comes with it. (e.g. blowing up if you call him “Snow”; see also the Pink Letter where he repeatedly calls Jon “bastard”.) But neither man is Snidely Whiplash or a fantasy novel orc.

Same with Euron, for that matter – he may also be a wholly unsympathetic irredeemable villainous character, but he’s not a flat one. Although, tbf, he probably is the most likely GRRM villain to wake up and think “what evil can I do today”, but I have confidence he’s got a little more to him than that. ;)

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#i mostly think people confuse depth with justification of extremely irredeemable acts #reading these books would be so much easier -and boring- if they either black or white

Yes, exactly.

You know the Food Network show I’d like to see? One where their usual roster of 5-star Michelin chefs and haute cuisine bigwigs are challenged to replicate something cheap, fast, and mass-produced, like instant ramen or a McDonald’s BigMac. They’re then compared to the genuine article via blind taste test with a panel of 2 renowned food critics and ~3 completely random normies.

The prize is less about being the top of the heap and more about showing that you’re not completely out of touch with what real people eat.



Oh my god it totally is.


Thats right, one year ago today I made my first Tumblr post. Now, I can say that I have improved, so no judging, but this is it: my first ever Tumblr post


But for real guys and gals thank you for following me and for being a part of this amazing year.

God bless✌

(Sorry this took me for fucking ever. I’ve been working on this for literal weeks now, so I’d love for people to actually read it ha… I think I’ve improved with the dialogue and shit so uh)

“That shack, it… I couldn’t keep my mind off of it.”

There was some sort of burning feeling, in the cavity of Shiro’s chest. He ran a hand over it briefly, trying to rub away the guilty feeling of my fault, all of it mine-

No. He was being irrational.

“So I left,” Keith said, simply, before amending, “I… retreated. It wasn’t home.”

And Shiro thought Keith’s eyes had flickered to him on the last word.

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Hi! I just started a new Tumblr to focus manly on tes and some other games. Can you recommend me some people to follow?

Hello ! There are so many good blogs it’s hard to make a full list, some are focused on Kahjiits, other on daedric princes, art, roleplays, novels, projects, mods… The people I interact everyday like doku-sama, adiboudi, wolfy, Keenunknowruins etc. xD check my notes and all the silly stuff we’re doing or chatting.

I’ll try to give somes I don’t often talk with but people feel free to reblog and complete :) thank you !

@denythem @dankbrother @ja-khajay @ theelderscrollsonline @ladynerevar @ mcgrowgrog errrr If I go on I’ll pass all the night doing it, help !