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Chuck & Darren caught up via FaceTime and decided to start a band. They called it Computer Games.

beesneedflowers  asked:

Honestly I used to be such a huge fan and then all of this straight stuff started getting so much worse after glee ended. Like I do not care if he's gay or straight, could not care less. But I do care if he's dating someone so crass and rude. And I do care if Daisy is the act and jerk is the real Darren. And honestly whether it's real or not at this point it just makes me so upset that either he supports her behavior or he's that far in the closet that I just don't like him as much anymore.

You are certainly entitled to feel that way. And I agree. Ultimately, I personally don’t care how he identifies and who he loves. As long as he is in a healthy, loving relationship. Free and comfortable to openly express himself. And clearly his public relationship is extremely toxic and soul sucking. And it’s not what we want for him.

To me Darren with Mia is a man just trying to cope. I think he’s completely created a separate character in his mind to disassociate the real Darren when he’s with her. I think it’s how he is surviving.

I also think it’s an intentional choice. He doesn’t want to sell or market straight Darren. Because to do that would be to deny his true self and his true love.

Daisy is there. We see that part of his personality frequently. But generally when she’s not around. Or when he’s acting out against the PR narrative. I firmly believe that’s the real Darren. And I think when he crosses the finish line-That at times seems close and at others so far away, that’s the Darren that will fully emerge.


So I met Darren Criss (for the first time!!) at stage door on Friday after Hedwig and the Angry Inch. We waited for 2 hours because he was so busy after show but he STILL came out and treated everyone with excessive kindness and love. I brought my AVPM t-shirt to have him sign and he cracked up when he saw it :) He then told me a fun fact about how they wrote a lot of the songs for AVPM, AVPS, etc. at a small apartment just up the street from Pantages! 

He was absolutely as sweet as he seems–even after an exhausting performance and needing to be up in 12 hours to perform again. What an indescribable pleasure. Lots of love for that one <3 <3 

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My Immortal - a Night Terror lyric comic

My Immortal, a Vince × Darren lyric comic

and yes,
I regret each and every second drawing this as much as you seeing this

And I don’t even know how to upload many pics using text post ; _ ;

(This was drawn with ibispaint app, Vince / Darren / Night Terror belongs to Mx.Bones aka Deo, the song My Immortal belongs to Evanescence, and all the angst and cringeness from this comic belongs to ………………………………….
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