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Chuck & Darren caught up via FaceTime and decided to start a band. They called it Computer Games.

as you know, for many years my url has been “darrenmyteenagedream” and i’ve had this icon for a really long time

so… last week… I MET HIM!!! and thinking about how this picture has been one of my favorites and i just love having it as my icon, i asked him if we could take a photo like that and here’s the result:

so yeah i think i have a new icon now

imjustkyian IG post NOVEMBER 18, 2016

Glee’s Darren Criss on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight: Interview

Hollywood Today Live 2016 24 Aug 2016

cg fuse interview 20 June 2017 released after Queen concert

Darren Criss on American Crime Story and Third Annual Elsie Fest | Elvis Duran Show 3 Aug 2017

Having just read @chrisdarebashfulsmiles post X I was reminded that I had this in my drafts where I’d been trying to put together a compliation of Darren’s tics, twitches and swallows during times he was asked an lgbt, chr/s related question or had to talk about TP.  I am sure there are many more examples, but here is a small compliation.  I have linked the videos if anyone wants to watch these interviews again. To me it is quite clear how he reacts to stressful situations.  He has eye tics, shoulder and neck twitches as well as swallowing.   Body language is defined as the conscious and unconscious movements and postures by which attitudes and feelings are communicated.  Anyone watching can see that his body language is telling its own story to the what he’s actually saying.   You just need to watch.  Remember these movements are uncontrolled and purely a reaction to the situation and conversation he was in at the time. 

1. Stage door at Hedwig LA 2016 -twitches start in earnest once the word husband is mentioned at 0.5s, as does his babbling of ‘Mazel tov’ and ‘holy shit’. Watch his shoulders, mouth and eyes.

2. The now famous 2012 interview during Glee when he was asked who he had to come out as a straight man to - very clear shoulders and neck twitches and swallows (3.29).

3. Hollywood today 2016 when he was told that during Glee he was dating Chris Colfer (1.45s). That swallow /lip pursing was right after he was asked that.

4. CG fuse interview recorded 20 June 2017, but released later, on the same day that a tweet occured that Darren and Chris had spoken at a Queen concert the night before.  The whole interview again is a mix of tics/swallows, but the above gif where he talks about being a straight dude and his role as Blaine shows quite clearly how uncomfotable he was (59s).  Also I’m sure there was footage that could not be used due to his tics, which is why there are so many text shots during that video.  So if what we see of him are the bits they could use I really wonder how bad the bits they cut were and how severely stressed he was during that interview.

5. Recent Elvis interview 3 Aug 2017 when he dropped in the story (5.08 onwards) regarding the singalong and ‘let it go’.  He’s more relaxed as Elvis is a friend so it’s not as obvious, but it’s there - watch his eye and neck especially in the above gif. 

I’ve been in this fandom 2 years and I’m sure there are more, please feel free to add any you have to this post. 

Finally remember what Darren said during that CG Fuse interview.

“What I can find are the common denominators of what it is to feel scared, what it feels to be marginalized. And I will carry that torch until the day I die.”

Those are not the words of someone who is living the charmed PR straight life we are shown, those are the words of a man who understands having to put other peoples interests before his own constantly and who has empathy with marginalized groups, because he knows exactly how they feel.