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Yuuka is a very powerful flower youkai (more like a “force of nature: manifested” said Word of God), and yet she’s very polite to those who don’t bother her.

I drew this while imagining how graceful Yuuka was, but at the same time frightening enough that she made quite a name for herself. I also had this “the villagers must be trembling in fear when such powerful Youkai decided to appear on broad daylight just to greet the village florist” in mind while drawing her. She’s a fun character and thus so fun to draw.

Elon Musk reiterates the need for brain-computer interfaces in the age of AI
By Darrell Etherington

He’s spoken about the potential of brain interfaces, including a “neural lace,” before, but at the launch of Tesla in UAE during the World Government Summit in Dubai on Monday, Musk articulated more clearly why we might seek to deep our ties to our computing devices in the near future.

The need for this, he said on Monday in Dubai, could “achieve a symbiosis between human and machine intelligence, and maybe solves the control problem and the usefulness problem,” reports CNBC.

Source: https://techcrunch.com/2017/02/13/elon-musk-reiterates-the-need-for-brain-computer-interfaces-in-the-age-of-ai/