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so who is the guy at the end of IM 593?

I have a theory, and I think that AI Tony grew himself a body.

- we know he really wanted to be a real boy. no one treated him like the real tony he wanted to be.

- related to the previous point, he really was having isues with not having a body

- he crawled out of a dubious looking chamber, extremely weak, with no hair (why would the Real Tony totally shave off? and he is/was comatose but hdon’t know if his awesome high tech pod didn’t keep his muscles intact). he couldn’t really move properly: could be that he’s weak, could be that he’s not used to having a body.

- the first thing he did, obviously in pain, was to reach out for the armour. this is a very tony move, an ai tony obviously is tony, but also: it was the old armour. and the one ai tony was wearing lately. none of the real tony’s shiny new models.

- and then he just curled up in the fetal position, exhausted and helpless and without any comfort but the armour. because it’s his first moments in the real world, so to speak?

- it would fit he January solicits question of “is this the tony we know and love” as it was actually the question with AI tony

The Roborace Robocar was a fan favorite at GTC Europe. Decked out in custom NVIDIA livery, the autonomous  race car pays homage to the NVIDIA DRIVE PX brain inside. The race car features four electric motors and 15 sensors, and can reach speeds up to 300 kmh (186 mph). Roborace currently has two prototypes it’s testing on racetracks and exhibitions at Formula E events.


@therealjacksepticeye  as Shawn Flynn from Bendy and the Ink Machine.

Painting crooked smiles… What a rebel! :)


I couldn’t resist drawing this little gem. The chapter was fun to play and aI can’t wait to finish the game. So looking forward to it!

Title: What’s the Big Deal?

Year: 10/2017 ©dolphintreasureart

Long Live - Chapter 14

I’m really sorry about the delay on this chapter. I really didn’t want to do it cause I knew I couldn’t keep you guys waiting after the last chapter but i didn’t have much choice.Thank you to everyone who was so sweet about it. Thanks to @mylasagnaisraw @ilovemyspoopydad and @gaysonofjafar for editing this chapter!

Pairings: Prinxiety, Logicality

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anonymous asked:

how are things in spain and catalonia??

so much has happened… i didn’t update you because it’s psychologically draining to be reading the news all day.

there’ve been

- several demonstrations against police brutality

- demonstrations asking the central and the catalan government to negotiate

- a unionist demonstration in barcelona

- fascists beating people who were in a demonstration on the 9th of October in valencia (my city, it’s the festive day of the region) with total impunity. 

- a pro-unionist party claims that kids don’t learn spanish in catalonia (xdd)

-several hotels in Catalonia where the police units where staying decided to throw all the police officers

- the Spanish government threatens the Catalan one with using the article 155 of the constitution (basically they take the autonomy from Catalonia and the government takes control of the region)

- the Spanish government gave the Catalan one 7 days to clarify whether independence has been declared or not, but Catalonia didn’t really answer.

- The two leaders of Òmnium, a cultural pro-independence organization, and l'ANC (Catalonia’s National Assembly) HAVE BEEN SENT TO PRISON FOR SEDITION (Amnesty International has just stated that this is “excessive”. AI has asked for their release and there were protests in Catalonia against their imprisonment.

- El PDeCAT, the main party in power in Catalonia, has stated that they support the idea that the president of Catalonia (from their party) should declare the independence if Spain uses the article 155.