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Ahhhh so I did this really quickly and I’m not used to doing comics so I’m so sorry that it’s crap but I really wanted to draw this after seeing @crowleylovesyou’s post! So sorry I didn’t add it to the original post but tumblr mobile is confusing. Anyways, I did my best so I hope you like it! I may consider doing a cleaned up version if people end up really liking this

dessa vez não tem trilha sonora, “não tem porra nenhuma” como a minha vizinha acabou de gritar pro marido. eu sinto raiva de você. raiva por ter despejado à ti as coisas boas e a esperança de que você ficasse. ficasse até o fim. tu foi embora. e que caralhos eu quero enganar fingindo que não me importo? fingindo que tô nem aí pro que tu sente ou deixa de sentir. o Rafael disse que eu me importava demais, e porra, ele tá certo. tu foi embora no dia do aniversário da Ana. uma alegria e uma tristeza para dosar bem. eu queria poder te dizer que a dor passou, que eu te perdoo pela bagunça que tu deixou. mas não. eu sinto raiva de você. e eu no fundo do meu coração espero que isso passe. sou boa demais pra guardar esse sentimento tão ruim. “não deve haver rancor onde já se teve amor” e quando se tem, a gente faz o que?. e eu hoje tenho medo de conhecer alguém, de depositar as mesmas coisas que depositei em ti, e a pessoa ser ter tão estúpida quanto você. não foi a primeira nem a última vez que vai acontecer, eu sei. mas eu não imaginava que essa queda iria me danificar tanto. espero ter dito tudo que ainda guardava aqui. eu já não aguento mais sentir essa agonia dentro de mim por sua causa. e ainda assim, continuo sentindo raiva de você.


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I've been seeing the glich theory for Ignis and i think he may actually be a glitch because of his lack of pattern. All the other AI's have triangle patterns on their bodies, but Ignis has none. Plus, the Cyverse world is very sleek and sharp and bright, but Ignis is more rounded and darker in muted colors. He doesnt fit into the world of Cyverse and the other AI's. Plus, he's still referred to as Mysterious Lifeform in official news, so maybe he's something different?

With the other five AIs, I figured that their patterns were different because it’s like blurring them out. If that makes sense? Like when a series introduces a character early that’s going to play a big role later, they don’t want to reveal the characters full face and/or voice, so it’s obscured.

But frankly, I like this line of thinking more, mostly because it adds on to the A+ glitch theory. There’s also the fact that even if the other AIs had gained patterns similar to Ignis’s later on, they’re still far more brightly colored than he is. There’s a vibrancy to their designs that Ignis simply lacks. 

And about the Cyberse itself, that’s also a good point. Look at this bright, gorgeous, intricately designed world. 

Look at these vibrant, glowing, ethereal-looking bastards. 

And then there’s Ignis, who is Shaped Like a Friend but quite obviously out of place. 

His pattern is completely different. Frankly, he looks like the foundation of something, not the final result. 

I mean… maybe he was supposed to be bright purple, with the same mosaic design the other five have. Like you said, as he is now he looks muted, especially when compared to such a sharp, dynamic backdrop (not counting the Cyberse sky, which is depressing as hell). 

And, like you also mentioned, he’s still being referred to as ‘Mysterious Lifeform’ in official news. We call him ‘Ignis’ because that’s what the KoH and SOL call him, but… that’s weird. It’s like Ignis is his name, but… it also isn’t. 

Like maybe ‘Ignis’ is what his official name would have been, had he come out correctly

Maybe Ignis doesn’t correct Yusaku and Shoichi with the whole name situation, not because he doesn’t remember it, but because he… doesn’t refer to himself that way? Because he never became Ignis. He’s still just a lifeform.

Without further ado, for the Hero Club’s fierce and highly anticipated debate… 

Which is better? Super Sentai, or Kamen Rider? You’re free to take the floor!

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OK, but, If the child in the flashback ends up being Shoichi's brother after all, and the AIs are revealed as part of the main characters minds/personalities being sucked out, and Yusaku lost his past because the procedure removed part of his mind but they were rescued before it was completed.... would that mean that the procedure on Shoichi's brother was the "successful" one and created an AI that embodies his mind? And which one of the AIs we have seen would be the most likely one to be his?

This is a loaded question, but boy do I love those.

Originally posted by allreactions

Working under the assumption that Shoichi’s brother is this kid:

And that the theory that the AIs were made by taking personality traits from human victims…?

Then Shoichi’s Brother was most likely not in this shot. 

Because Yusaku was in this shot. We know there’s a good chance Aoi and Go were as well. Revolver too. And do you know what those four have in common? They aren’t missing, while Shoichi’s Brother is. 

With out current knowledge, the only way Shoichi’s Brother could have been in this shot is if he’s Revolver—and that’s still assuming that Revolver was here at all. But otherwise, the boy simply wasn’t rescued.

So perhaps while Yusaku and the others were ‘failed’ experiments who were rescued before their AIs were complete. If Shoichi’s brother was left behind, the process could have continued with him, leading to a more complete, better developed AI that’s more powerful than the six we’ve seen thus far.

And keep in mind, if Ignis is any indication, these AI’s are powerful as is. So this completed one, from Shoichi’s Brother, would be the strongest of them all. 

There are two possibilities here. Either:

Shoichi’s Brother is Revolver. In this case, he wasn’t rescued, but was retained/taken by the KoH and eventually replaced the leader. In line with what’s been established, his AI is most likely the Red one. 

There was nothing in episode 1 to indicate that the Red AI is somehow more powerful than the rest, meaning that Revolver, as Shoichi’s Brother, was also a ‘failed experiment’. 

Now, if the KoH was responsible for this and was able to retain Revolver, then why not continue the AI making process with him? Either they ran out of the resources to do so, or the Knights of Hanoi weren’t behind it. It was SOL, or a third party. Either way, Revolver and the Red AI cannot count as the ‘completed/successful’ AI duo.

That leaves option B: that Shoichi’s Brother is not Revolver, and his own separate character. 

We know that most likely, the six kids=six AIs. It’s been established that if Shoichi’s Brother is not Revolver, he could not have been among the six rescued. 

So for this, I would like to reintroduce a theory @animemoonprincess came to me with not so long ago, proposing that each of the six AIs represents an element. 

TL;DR? I assigned an element to each of the five AIs who were locked away. Couldn’t definitively give Ignis one, so it was settled that if this theory is true, his element is either dark, or he doesn’t have one because he’s a glitch/even more of a ‘failed experiment’ than the others. 

And so… let’s say this theory is true, and it’s the latter. Ignis does not have an element. So that would leave ‘dark’ without an AI representative, right?

Not if your theory is right. Because if there were actually seven kids and only six were rescued… and if Shoichi’s Brother is the one ‘successful’ experiment…

That means that there’s still one more AI out there, it represents the ‘dark’ element, it’s strongest of them all, and it is tied to Shoichi’s Brother.

And you know… when I first saw this message, I figured all of this could be true without the kid in the flashback having to be Shoichi’s Brother. But… the kid is wearing dark clothes. His palette could, in theory, match up with the hypothetical Dark AI. 

Salutations aux baguettes !

Je voudrais savoir si l’un(e) d’entre vous aurait déjà travaillé un peu (ou beaucoup, ou passionnément) dans le récolement, notamment pour un musée, et s’il serait possible de m’en dire un peu plus sur le sujet. Sans que ce soit urgent, c’est quelque chose qui me rend anxieuse donc j’aurais voulu avoir quelques bases d’informations de quelqu’un qui s’y connaît.

Merci d’avance ! 


2 college students built a tool to fight fake news on Facebook using artificial intelligence

  • In the past year, fake news has become a rampant problem on Facebook.
  • So two Berkeley college students, Ash Bhat, 20, and Rohan Phadte, 19, have taken things into their own hands.
  • In late April, the two computer science majors built a Facebook Messenger bot that, when fed a link, will tell you whether the article in question is or isn’t “fake news.” Read more (5/18/17)

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