a: adam

Adam:…as we were cleaning up the coffee he offered to get me another and-

Meg:What’s his name?

Adam: Alexander.

Cam: Did you get his number?

Adam: What? No.

Meg: so you had a coffee date and you didn’t get his number?

Adam: It wasn’t a date.

Meg: This is like a Coffee shop Au.

Cam: *gasps* There should be fanfiction of this. What would be their ship name?

Meg: Adxander.(the x is used as an h)

Cam: #adxander

Adam: *sighs*

Essa noite eu bebi, mas bebi de verdade até estar completamente entorpecido pelo álcool e não sentir meu corpo. A única necessidade que eu tinha era te esquecer. E adivinha só?! Eu não consigo esquecer do seu sorriso nem bêbado e completamente entorpecido.
—  Os Devaneios de Adam Joseph-Fritz.

anonymous asked:

can we get more goat appreciation. Your goat character is just so cool. Whats his name?

more goat appreciation!!!! his name is adam–he was deans brief boyfriend in college. their relationship was a lot more superficial and more “”aesthetic” than anything, but he influenced dean a lot 


Inktober 2017 -  Semana 1

Editado: ¡No puedo creer que mis dibujos le gustaran a más de 200 personas! No sé qué decir… ¡Gracias a todos! He cambiado las imágenes JPG anteriores por PNG, por motivos de calidad.

Inktober 2017 - Week 1

Edited: I can’t believe more than 200 people liked my drawings! I don’t know what to say… Thank you everyone! I changed the previous JPG images for PNG, for quality reasons.

uhhh the gangsey may not be the hippest bunch but you bet your britches they’ve all seen princess bride. so there’s no way in heck you can convince me Adam doesn’t pull the “farmboy–fetch me that pitcher of water” line and when he does, Ronan is so annoyed but so pleased.