a7x lbc

see the confetti Zacky is hitting?

this confetti shall represent the shit “fans” that said awful things to Zacky and are the reason he deleted his insta. I’m sure the last thing he needs is a bunch of bratty teenage girls trying to tell him how to live.

For everyone who said shit about his new girlfriend: let’s all get the fuck over it! He’s a thirty-two year old man, who got married, got divorced, and has since moved on. I’m sure she has too. Can we not be ultra rude to her? She didn’t do anything wrong. Personally, I think it was ultra adorable when he captioned the photo “happy V-U day from the boss & the queen” THE QUEEN. WOULDN’T YOU WANT A GUY CALLING YOU QUEEN? thats just fucking cute. 

okay, my rant is over. Shit fans should stop making a bad name for this fandom. Thank you.