James Burke in - and then out of - an A7L suit, as built by the International Latex Corporation for NASA’s Apollo programme.

Trust Zone by Robert Rauschenberg, from the Stoned Moon series of lithographs. Posted by the Haggerty Museum on Flickr.

From Amazon’s description of the book of the series:

In 1969, Robert Rauschenberg was invited by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to witness the launch of the Apollo 11 mission to place man on the moon for the first time. At the end of a decade in which the war in Vietnam and social turmoil in America had left him disillusioned, this scientific and technological marvel gave the artist new hope for the future. That year, in response to the Apollo 11 achievement, and in collaboration with the Gemini GEL print workshop, Rauschenberg created the Stoned Moon series–the title reflecting both the lithographic medium and the moon mission.

The Duo A7L with DAZHEE arriving another on Fahrenheit… for this reason we are really proud to release this massive pack with some of the artists that contribuited to our bigg success. Includes a remix by the owner of the label MARIO PIU! Enjoy Some Feedback ricevied: JAMES ZABIELA: Large Mario Piu Remix! THE ADVENT Awesome! Support Mario Piu Remix JOY KITIKONTI Awesome Mario Piu Remix DJ LINUS Good Stuff Original mix support LONYA KOVAL Awesome Original mix EDDIE HU Good Stuff Original mix SLOK: Good Stuff Original mix MARKUS NOWAK aka TIEFGEIST Good Stuff Original mix NUDISCO Good Stuff Mario Piu Remix REPTON Good Stuff Mario Piu Remix ALEX DIOR Good Stuff Original mix CLAAS HERMAN Good Stuff Mario Piu Remix DANIEL BOON Nice Mario Piu Remix

Final fitting of the A7L spacesuit for one of the Apollo 17 astronauts (possibly Harrison Schmitt), from the Project Apollo Gallery (image ap17-72-H-314).

This one’s as much for the cheeky chaps in the background as for the spacesuit itself. It’s worth looking at some of the other photos on that site, too, such as this image of the suit in launch position.

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MoneyDJ新聞 2015-09-02 11:43:31 記者 賴宏昌 報導

無人機關鍵晶片供應商安霸(Ambarella, Inc.;股票代號:AMBA.us)於美國股市1日盤後公布2016會計年度第2季(截至2015年7月31日為止)財報:營收年增79.3%至8,420萬美元;毛利率自一年前的65.0%升至65.1%;本業每股盈餘自0.37美元升至0.88美元。根據Capital IQ的調查,分析師原先預期安霸第2季營收、本業每股盈餘各為8,173萬美元、0.81美元。

Investors.com報導,安霸財務長George Laplante 1日在財報電話會議上表示,本季營收預估將達9,000-9,300萬美元(中間值為9,150萬美元、相當於年增39%),低於分析師預期的9,230萬美元。

Laplante表示,本季無人機晶片營收可望持續走高。安霸執行長王奉民(Fermi Wang)也在財報電話會議上表示,上季有超過10%的營收是來自無人機產業;深圳大疆創新(SZ DJI Technology Co.)的兩台新款無人機帶動飛行攝影相關營收走高。