Okay, I know a lot of you won’t care but this is BIG for me.

This is the first song my little sister has produced (with my help) and I’m proud as hell of her for it, so if you could give it a listen it’d be hugely appreciated.

It’s also (obviously) inspired by The Joker and Batman etc, so there’s that too.

Welcome to the Madhouse - Holly Louise and Two Years Before

Art by Look See Land.

By this time tomorrow we will have releases the Axiom Remixtape: “Us & Them” featuring remixes of tracks by;

Marina & the Diamonds, Emelie Sande, Katy Perry, Ultravox and Electric Dynasty!


Check out this promo video for new A-5tar recruit Wicca’s track, Dark Forever.

Featuring a fantastic blend of melodies and bass. Wicca is made for bigger things.