Yuushishio Storenvy open PRE-ORDER in July

Hello everyone,

So, like I said in this early month when you guys asked me about the donut set and new pre-order, here it comes.

Pre order will be from July 26th to July 31th.

in Pre-order time there’ll be some limited set/items which come in lower price. Also this time will have free gift if your order reach $40 (not included shipping fee)

Below is some summaries

The Donut set

available as A5 notebook/sketchbook and charm
or you can buy them as SET (only available in pre-order)

The Fox Sanji set (limited)

available as A5 or A6 notebook + 2 round badges.

only available in pre-order.

New Clear Acrylic Keychain.

Available for ZoSan and Frobin.

they’re doubleside and different in each side >> view here for more detail.

Round Badge of ‘I got my ears on you’ Ava set

also this set is a FREE gift to you if your order reach $40 (not included shipping)

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Durja // Sports Lookbook Pre-Order (Indonesia only)

Hey guys!! I’m opening Indonesian pre-order for my 2 zines heheheh these will hopefully be available at Popcon 2016 booth D05 (Artoffee)! International pre-order will be opened in late August!

Durja // Original watercolor zine
A5 sized, 20 pgs, cover doff laminated, jilid tengah, +/- 14 ilustrasi
IDR 65k

Sports Lookbook // Sports anime fashion zine
A5 sized, 20 pgs, cover doff laminated, jilid tengah, +/- 18 ilustrasi
Fandom : Haikyuu!!, Daiya no Ace, Yowapeda
IDR 65k

Pre-order is opened until August 2!

Form: https://maghfira3.typeform.com/to/f12Qun

Reblogs are really appreciated <3

XXDanieL Photography 07:06 攝影集預購

07:06 記錄了25組 人最沒有防備的真實模樣

A5 288面 全彩四色印刷
限量300本 流水號以下單時間為準

售價每本 NT699
贈送 4"x6" 07:06未公開作品一張 (隨機出貨恕不指定,數量有限送完為止)

可選擇郵局掛號 或 全家店到店服務

預購日期2016/07/25 - 2016/0731


信用卡、Paypal 以及 海外顧客請至:http://www.xxdaniel.com/shop–cart


07:06 - XXDaniel Photography’s 3rd Photobook

Sleeping, a very private matter.

I got the key from the photographed person the night before shooting.
Then I sneaked in next day before the dawn.

07:06 - a record of 25 sets most defenseless moments

A5 Size, 288 Pages, Full Colour Print
Limited 300 Copies
Price: NT$699
4"x 6" unreleased photo will be ‘given out as free gift at random. While stock last.

Pre-order in here:http://www.xxdaniel.com/shop–cart

07:06 - XXDaniel Photography’s 3rd Photobook


A5 144ページ カーラプリント
限定300冊 ただいま予約受付中


This is why Newt, from The Maze Runner, is my favourite character of all times:

 Newt seems to be the strongest character who is always trying to help, putting a smile on someone else’s face and giving advice; someone that immediately realises what is wrong and tries to solve the problem. Furthermore, he’s kind, caring and will always be there for you (also he’s bloody sassy). 

 However, very deep inside he’s not okay. We know he even wanted to finish with that pain that consumed him but failed. Maybe he didn’t understand why it hurt, but he tried not to show that pain anymore. Newt tried to hide the pain he felt so it wouldn’t affect anyone else. 

 What surprises me the most is that we never see him crying. In the books he’s always described as someone that is gloomy or deep in his thoughts when he’s worried, but I don’t remember any line saying he cries. He bottles up his emotions. 

 Newt dealt with depression and a horrible mental illness that made him turn into someone he didn’t want to be, so he decided to do what he thought was the best for the others… but not for him. 

 Again, Newt focuses on helping everyone, he makes justice to his name: The Glue. The glue that cared for his friends. The glue that puts everyone else’s lifes before his own. The glue that hid his own fears to fight against the trials, in order to escape from WICKED with the gladers. The glue that holds everyone together, although he has a tough time trying to hold himself together… 

 If I have to explain why Newt is my favourite character very detailled, I’d never finish writing; (Also I’m not an English native speaker so I’ll have a lot of grammar mistakes) but I want you to know I respect this character a bloody lot and I’ll always be thankful to James Dashner for creating such an amazing person as Newt is. 

(PD: I know what you’re thinking; I love and hate JD at the same time.)

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As a student in university, I don’t have a lot of money to spend on supplies. You only need a notebook and a pen to start but it’s always fun to make things more colorful. Please let me know if any links don’t work!! 

The Notebook

Writing Materials