The big book of massive bastards. A5, 2016.

I’d been told we were getting a new uniform. I asked the boss where it was. He said we could wear anything we like so long as we had a croissant cellotaped to each shoulder. There’s a pile in the staff room he said. Take your pick.


anonymous asked:

gin!! i'm so happy to see that your store is open again! i don't have too much money right now but i defo want to show you my support by getting some small things.... i was wondering tho, after reading your previous answer + reading your tictail about: if i get two A5 prints (so 3.50$ x 2) and an A6 card (2.50$), will it be enough for an order? i mean, will you accept it? thank you so much for everything!! much love ❤ (also, i'm really sorry if this has been asked already ;;; )

Yes!!!!! It has three small prints after all!!!! (//▽//)ゞ NO NO THANK /YOU/ SO MUCH FOR WANTING TO GET SOMETHING… YOU ARE A CUTIE!!!

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