Boy Bands Unite: The Backstreet Boys Bring NSync’s Joey Fatone Onstage

It’s been an ongoing debate since the ’90s: Backstreet Boys or NSync? Well, this week, any rivalry between the two groups was squashed, and fans got the best of both worlds! During the Backstreet Boys’ “Larger Than Life” Las Vegas residency, the guys brought up a special guest… NSync member Joey Fatone.

While singing their hit song “Shape of My Heart,” it appears as though AJ spotted Joey in the front row of the audience, so obviously AJ decided to pull him up onstage. As AJ leads Joey back to the rest of the band, Joey shows how much he cares for the group and swiftly picks AJ up, carrying him in his arms. Once they arrive to the center of the stage, Nick, Kevin, Brian, and Howie run over to continue serenading Joey.

But wait, it gets even better…

Joey accomplishes every teenage girl’s dream, and as the Backstreet Boys are singing to him, he plants a wet one right on Nick’s lips. The crowd goes wild. Nick shared a photo of the moment, saying Joey’s kiss “literally knocked me off my feet.”

@realjoeyfatone’s kiss literally knocked me off my feet. Apparently nothing’s off limits in Vegas ???? #BSBvegas ???? @shaggs

A post shared by Nick Carter (@nickcarter) on Mar 9, 2017 at 11:53am PST

As the serenading continued, the other Backstreet Boys got down on their knees with roses.

Britney Spear’s basketball skills are pretty impressive:

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