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Right now, it’s 4:34am I haven’t slept. I worked a total of 53hrs this week. And I’m planning on putting that money towards a new 2.7T S4 (B5) engine for my Audi A4 1.8t (b6)

Changing resolution to comic pages from 300dpi to 600dpi in Manga Studio

So, due to my ignorance and noobness, I had the misfortune of drawing all my comic pages at 300dpi and with imported screentones filled with moire! Of course, when it was time to prepare the files for print, I had to fix them all if I wanted them to look nice and flawless in print! 

At first, I thought it would be near impossible to finish in a couple of months, but I found a way to do it faster! There are probably other (and better) ways to do it, but when I was looking for tutorials online, I couldn’t find any! Apparently, I’m the only noob out there who didn’t work on 600dpi from the beginning u-u…

If all you need is to change resolution, you just need to export your page at 600dpi, but if you’re like me and have to change formats, like A4 to B6, or a custom page size, then follow the next steps:


Open your 300 dpi file.

Create a new layer folder, select all your layers (except the sketch ones) and move them there. It should look like this:

Now select all (Ctrl+A),and copy (Ctrl+C).

Open your new 600dpi page.

And paste. In my case, I had to change from A4 to a custom 5.25 x 7.685 page, so if it appears bigger, you will have to shrink it down. 

Type Ctrl+T to transform, and either resize the page yourself, or type a “shrinking” percentage. In my case, I typed 65% in Absolute Values. It will look like this:

Now your page has been resized, and it may have white borders or screentone leftovers, so you just have to fill/clean them out.


Now that you have your page ready, you will notice the lineart looks a bit jaggy and the screentones out of place. The lineart will look better once you print your page, but you will have to replace most of your tones.

This is how it looks before changing tones. Notice the moire on the screentones?:

I’ll replace most of them with tones that are best suited for 600dpi. Don’t worry, you don’t have to redo everything! Just select with the magic wand on each layer, Invert selection, delete with Del (or Supr) and paste the new tones into the same selection. 

Now it looks like this: 


You probably can’t tell the difference now, but let me show you how it looks in print:

This happens when you resize a 300dpi file to a 5.25 x 7.685 page size:

This is after resizing, at 600dpi: 

I wish I could show you in real life! Too bad I don’t have a scanner right now, but it really makes a difference!! The first one is so hideous! All this effort will definitely be worth it when it’s in print! *u*

Good luck and feel free to ask if you have any question! :D

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