Make 2014 A Year of Giving

It is undoubtedly the biggest hurdle for ALL artists of any discipline. They give and give and give their everything only to say “well, I just want to share my art with people, and I don’t need anything in return." 

I just had this conversation with a friend of mine who is starting up a booking agency in Berlin, Germany. One of her clients/friend was approached by an editor from American Apparel and the client was asked if AA could use a photo of hers in one of their campaigns. The girl was ecstatic that such a large company was interested in using her work, and agreed to let the American clothing company use the photo in one of their campaigns. I’m not exactly sure about the details of the contract but the point of this story is that the girl could have gotten so much more in compensation, promotion, and networking from this unsettling exchange. I’m not saying that AA has ripped this girl off - in fact, the artist agreed to whatever contract they were given.

What I am saying that artists need to be more aware of what they’re getting themselves in to. They need to see beyond the current values of their work, and be able to predict future outcomes of negotiations that may not seem like a big deal today.


I’ve listed a couple of indiegogo campaigns (a fundraising website) that I feel deserve some support. Awareness is only half the support at YVArts. 

A grand piano for a young classical pianist

This girl has so much potential and I would hate for her talent to go to waste because she does not have the proper equipment to make her talent blossom. Pianists will lose the balance on their fingertips if they do not practice on REAL pianos. There is a difference between upright, baby, and a grand piano. Let’s be a part of her future.


It really touches me when a community gets together to do something that really benefits those who really need the help. This group really needs our help. Vancouver needs a SAFE place for young artists to collaborate and share ideas. When was the last time your downstairs neighbour told you to cut-out the stomping? Your grouchy neighbour across the street telling you to stop playing ANY music? Do you have a place to paint without getting your carpet dirty? 

PUPPET CAMP: send us to puppet school!

Nothing says give like education. We can really help nurture Mika and Randi’s talent by helping them get the training they need. Their travelling puppet show has been a huge success, as schools and community centres continue to ask them to return for more shows. The art of puppetry is unique and kind of majestic. We need more majestic!


247 | Diamonds | A3 District

Let Me Blow Your Mind choreographed by Roberta Bierman