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TBFH Session // Full Of Hell

Recorded at The Dial in Murrieta, CA on June 7th, 2013 by Pat Capinding, Kevin McVey, and Cameron Puleo. Random fact, the “transition to black” at the very end is actually our breaker blowing. ENJOY! 

Download and cassettes will be available soon, for the time being enjoy the video.


New video for B&E (Acoustic Version)


SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP / The Batcave / Montclair, NJ / May 2014

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These guys ripped it in a small basement in Montclair with Ilsa tonight.  It sucks when venues get shut down, but to have awesome shows like this still happen in a random spot I’ll likely never see them in again is always awesome.  Can’t wait to see them in a completely different setting at MDF this weekend.