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Request: The Replicated Man - Fallout 3

chakaaryc asked:

I’ve never heard you do any Fallout voices, so I’m not sure if you’d be interested in this, but would it be possible to hear you do the start quest transcript for the Replicated Man questline? Specifically the “Self determination is NOT a malfunction” line? Bethesda voices can get weird sometimes, and I always felt that the android’s voice never quite fit, I’d love to hear your take on it!

I’ve only played a little bit of Fallout 3, but I know EXACTLY what you mean about Bethesda voices, so I thought I’d give this a shot.  From what I understand, this character has two different voices, and they’re both SUPER DOOFY.  So I didn’t even try to imitate them and went with my own take.


“I want to live my own life, on my own terms, as my own man. I used to work for the Synth Retention Bureau of the Commonwealth. But I’m done with that life. I’m through with being someone’s property. I am not malfunctioning! Since when is self determination a malfunction?”

                                                                           - A3-21 (Harkness)


CW for blood and such but this is what I’ve been doing lately. Honestly I was probably right the first time I left the Mass Effect fandom behind. Fallout’s just… way more fun, man. And way less full of people who are willing to accept the gross aspects of the canon as a given. Basically I’m taking my toys and going back to my other sandbox here.

Sorry to all who might’ve been expecting more Mass Effect stuff.

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pleasepeterpantakemetoneverland  asked:

Do you have any textbooks or websites you would recommend for an absolute beginner at self studying Korean?

Hello! Alright for an absolute beginner learning I would recommend this (x) for learning the alphabet. Or you could use what I used when I first learned the alphabet which was this (x).

I have a tag on my blog for sites and videos to learn Korean -> (TAG) <- you should check it out:)

I will bold what I really recommend. 


Korean Reading and Writing Exercises:

Helpful Korean Exercises and Reference:


Useful short videos if you don’t have much time:

Korean Tutorial Channels:


  • Elementary Korean Second Edition along with it’s workbook. 

Don’t want to pay for books? FREE:

Hope that helps! Good luck with your Korean studies!

SO, I’m totally down for ‘Danse was a former Institute courser’ headcanons, because it’s awesome and would give him a reason to know A3-21 and go down to Rivet City with him. (also he’d look so badass in that courser jacket, seriously) But honestly my favorite headcanons would be the ones where Danse was synthesized for strictly non-combat purposes.

Like, he was never meant to see the surface. He was designated for cleaning or repair work, or hell, maybe he was one of those ‘personal’ synths and that’s why his ass is so amazing. Doesn’t really matter. SRB might have considered him as a candidate for the courser program, maybe not. Either way. He escaped and got his memory wipe, didn’t know the first thing about fighting or weapons. He learned everything he could about shooting and maintaining a gun by tinkering with them and practicing. After he joined the Brotherhood, he went to the scribes’ archives and read every book he could get his hands on, eagerly learning everything he could. He earned his position as Paladin through hard work and dedication, not because he was exceptional at everything coming in.

And then after everyone finds out he was a synth, X6-88 gets really curious and looks M7-97 up in the SRB’s database. He’s shocked to learn that M7-97 was never meant to see the wasteland, much less survive and seemingly thrive in such inhospitable conditions. He’s so surprised it doesn’t even occur to him to tell Ayo about the missing synth he found. (honestly, it doesn’t make sense for X6 to not turn Danse in in-game)

X6 finally just confronts Danse with this information, demanding to know how he became that exceptional of a soldier when he was specifically not built for any of it. Danse doesn’t really have an answer, he worked his ass off to get where he was, that’s all he knows.

And that raises all sorts of questions in X6′s head. The Institute built M7-97, but they didn’t build Danse. Danse built himself. How much of a synth was just their programming and how much was actually them? He had never asked these questions before, never wanted to think about it. But now it bothers him, because no one has an answer for him. 


I was trying to figure out who would do the Silver Shroud thing. Because it isn’t Li, and Ted would be too small for the costume. Nick could pull it off, but he’d be almost too good at it.

So who could pull the whole thing off with a combination of “I am supremely uncomfortable” and “actually this is sort of fun”? Harkness, of course.

Fallout headcanons no one asked for: Literacy

Cait: Can’t read, can’t write. Never has had to, and probably won’t ever without some prodding from an outside source. Even then she would only get the basics down before getting bored. 

 Codsworth: Absolutely perfect in every respect for both, but can’t actually hold a pencil. Or type on a terminal. Or hold a book. It’s something of a moot point.

Curie: Reading and writing was a very important part of her assignment, though she will sometimes substitute English grammar for French and vice versa. Has issues with coordination when writing and often strains her eyes reading after receiving her synth body though.

Danse: Learned to read after joining the Brotherhood as a part of his training, but doesn’t really enjoy it. Never learned how to write though, as that part of it was deemed a ‘scribe-only’ skill that wasn’t necessary for knights.

Deacon: Kinda? He can read just fine and enjoys it whenever her has the opportunity to, but can only write simple phrases and short sentences. Also his handwriting is an absolute nightmare to read, and Tinker Tom is the only one who can do it proficiently. 

 Dogmeat: He can try and that’s all we ask. 

Hancock: Can read more or less, usually only old historical documents can hold his interest, but his hands are too shaky to write. He never writes his laws down anywhere, only announces them and puts them into action. He relies on Fahrenheit to remember all of them. She has a little book. 

 Maccready: 100% literate thanks to the older kids in Little Lamplight, but has gotten very rusty with his writing. Also, dyslexic and gets headaches from long passages of text, the reason he likes comics so much. 

 Nick Valentine: Can read and write the best of the bunch, mostly from Nick’s old memories that then were kept in practice with all the case files he writes. Likes reading old noir novels, but sometimes gets them mixed up with his actual memories. 

 Strong: Surprisingly enough, literate. Barely. It’s one of the few bits of the person who he was before becoming a supermutant that remain, though he doesn’t enjoy it and can’t write at all.

 Piper: Can do both, but is horrifically bad at spelling and has Nat, who got a better education in Diamond City, to spell check for her. Usually can’t sit still long enough to read much past proof reading her own work, but occasionally enjoys a cheesy romance novel. 

 Preston: Got most of his education from having his parents and older siblings read to him when he was younger, then later reading the books in the settlement himself but is rather rough in both areas. He doesn’t often need to write so it isn’t an issue, though if things settle down and the Minutemen get a foothold in the Commonwealth he’ll document the lives of himself and the General. Loves to read old history textbooks and novels when he has the time and their available to him, which is put at odds by his nearsightedness.

X6-88: Was programmed with perfect literacy when he was ‘built’ and has maintained these skills. Doesn’t often have the opportunity once he begins traveling with Sole but likes to look through the reports of other successful coursers, particularly A3-21’s before he went rogue.


Unique Weapons >> Energy Weapons

Obtain this durable Plasma Rifle from the Replicated Man at the end of the Miscellaneous Quest: The Replicated Man. It inflicts more DMG, has a higher Critical Percentage Multiplier, and offers devastating combat potential: a potent rifle with a plentiful ammo supply. Acquire it once the Enclave appears for greater access to ammo and parts for repair.”