YOI x A3 Acrylic Key Holders

Original Release Date:
February 1st, 2017

Featured Characters (15 Total):
Viktor, Makkachin, Yuuri, Yuri, Otabek, Christophe, Emil, Georgi, Guang Hong, JJ, Leo, Michele, Minami, Phichit, Seung Gil

Suits (Even Makkachin gets formal!) - need I say more? The main trio get their own unique styles, such as Yuri’s leopard print lapels, while the rest of the cast are more uniform.

And as you can see from the comparison with the US quarter coin, these are actually quite big!

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Theory: The Thirteen

This is a theory created by @steampunklegacy centering on The Thirteen and how their likenesses may have passed. 

According to the Bible TFWiki, the Thirteen were first mentioned in Transformers: The Ultimate Guide, and we’ve slowly been getting “nano-bits” of information about them ever since. Each member of the Thirteen, from the huge Leige Maximo to the first minicon, Micronus, were all bless by Primus with innate abilities. With these abilities, they were able to carry out the prime reason for their creation: defeat Primus’ “eternal arch-enemy”, Unicron. They continued to live on and create their own stories.

It hasn’t been explicitly described as being the case, but since the Thirteen are the very first Transformers, it can be inferred that they were then made the “blue-print” for all Cybertronian transformer life that would follow them. Imagine that Amalgamous, the “joker” of the Thirteen, but also the first Shifter, had been the sort of a finished prototype all his own, and had then been the “inspiration” for the abilities, attributes, and unique qualities of so many Cybertronians to be created after him… The easygoing (as TFWiki put it), the entertainers, the laidback, but also those who could go from fun loving to 100% crack-down serious in the flash of an optic.

If this is the case, that perhaps, we can guess just who had been the “blue-print” for some of the Cybertronians that we know and either love, like, don’t care for, or hate. Maybe it is not just the abilities of a Cybertronian, but also their personality that is inspired by one of the first Primes. Almost all the following is carried over from TF Wiki…

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