You raise your eyebrows, crossing your arms and fluttering your wings out slightly to look more intimidating. After all, a five-foot seventeen-year-old barely scraping 100 pounds isn’t much to intimidate someone, even with the scars crisscrossing your arms and face, your stance clearly one of a fighter. “The fuck are you.”

a2k-2ollux-captor-thetroll replied to your post: I want another Alpha but let’s face it I…

fiindiing people from the riight tiimeliine can be iimpo2iible. iit 2uck2.

Well, he wasn’t from my timeline, per se. And he’s dead, so I really can’t find him exactly again, y'know.

The whole “infinite timelines” thing isn’t helpful when there’s too many to find things in, ha.


((Becky and I do so much roleplaying with these two outside of tumblr that we’re just starting a text post with their conversation on it. They get really weird, and they do a lot of complaining about their muns. Anything on this post under a read more is NOT SMUT. It’s just really long.))