Ok last photoset from A2F XD

The United Nations of Awesome in our Hetalia cosplays at Arkansas Anime Festival Fall 2012!

Me as England and Greece

Battykins as America and Turkey

Brethilaki as Scotland

Ashurii100 as Canada

Finlandthebamf as Finland

Angeloforange as Sweden (on the right)

And I don’t really know the Denmark and other Sweden in the next to last picture but if you find this picture feel free to tag yourselves at the caption!


The United Nations of Awesome cosplay group with the Digimon and Avengers panels at Arkansas Anime Festival Fall 2012!

Pandaliechten93 as Patamon

Tamaswiss as Matt

Unwindher17 as Mimi

Theunitednationsofawesome (Boss Ashley) as Weregarurumon and Loki

Brethilaki as Lillymon and Tony Stark

Uzamakinaruta as Thor

Battykins as Captain America

Finlandthebamf as Black Widow

Angeloforange as Hawkeye

Supernatural-frog as Coulson

And I’m not sure if TK, Kari, Nick Fury, Bruce, and that random Deadpool who joined have tumblrs..