a2f fall


Ok last photoset from A2F XD

The United Nations of Awesome in our Hetalia cosplays at Arkansas Anime Festival Fall 2012!

Me as England and Greece

Battykins as America and Turkey

Brethilaki as Scotland

Ashurii100 as Canada

Finlandthebamf as Finland

Angeloforange as Sweden (on the right)

And I don’t really know the Denmark and other Sweden in the next to last picture but if you find this picture feel free to tag yourselves at the caption!

A2F Fall Summarization! :D

Last weekend, I went to a con and had a surprisely good time. This is my weekend summarized. “:3


Met fluffy Akatias and played charades with the Doctor


Went to Hetalia panel as England and hugged Sealand recognizing him as a country, Chuck Huber came into the Hetalia panel, (Actor for Austria and Stein), hugged my England clones (WW2 AND Punk),  played the Pocky game with France and won (so close to kissing XD), changed into Romano and France pulled my curl, dragging me around the  vending room (XD). And bought a corgi, and pecked Hunny-Sempai on the cheek

Later, changed into Thomas Wallis and went to the Black Butler panel and had the best time! No one recognized what I was cosplaying, but the William saw me and literally came to me and glomped me, (It was amazing!)  And, became friends with Ronald

Later that night, finally tried to play BlazBlue and I loved it! I went to a midnight party with Grell and Ronnie, playing Truth or Dare- Rated R version (Means we could have done everything besides have sex . >3<) I pretend to be William and oh my god. O_0 They made Ronnie confess his love for me and made me strip Ronald’s jacket and moan for Grell and Ronald. Hunny was having a toothache and I fell for it! I bought some candy and he declared it to be “Witchcraft” flavored candy. We nicknamed Ronald as “Cock-Block-Knox”.


Bought things, played another round of  truth and dare and I kissed Ronald’s head, Ronald pecked both of Grell’s cheeks, Kankri asked Prussia to fill buckets with him, and I hugged Hunny one last time before I went home, got a Magic Girl contract that could completely destroy my life. ._.

And That summarizes my  con weekend. :D I will/might be defiantly going to the spring one because my favorite  Grell and William are going as the academy versions next time and Thomas will defiantly complete their get up! :D

Videos and pictures will be up in a little bit. 


The United Nations of Awesome Ouran cosplay at Arkansas Anime Festival Fall 2012!

Tamaswiss as Tamaki

Ashurii100 as Honey

Estonia2345 as Kyoya

Unwindher17 as Mori

Pandaliechten93 as Kaoru

Brethilaki substituting for Myvbane as Hikaru

And Supernatural-frog as our Haruhi for this con!


The United Nations of Awesome cosplay group with the Digimon and Avengers panels at Arkansas Anime Festival Fall 2012!

Pandaliechten93 as Patamon

Tamaswiss as Matt

Unwindher17 as Mimi

Theunitednationsofawesome (Boss Ashley) as Weregarurumon and Loki

Brethilaki as Lillymon and Tony Stark

Uzamakinaruta as Thor

Battykins as Captain America

Finlandthebamf as Black Widow

Angeloforange as Hawkeye

Supernatural-frog as Coulson

And I’m not sure if TK, Kari, Nick Fury, Bruce, and that random Deadpool who joined have tumblrs..