I grew up with an Amiga in the house - we had an A500 with an external hard drive expansion, which was then replaced with an A2000 and, eventually, an A1200 - but my first games console, the first system I had to call my very own, was the old chunky Game Boy. It came with four games - Tetris, Super Mario Land, Kick Off, and Tennis. Someone stole my copy of Kick Off, and I’d probably have been more cut up about it if I actually liked the bloody thing, but I eventually got Capcom’s Darkwing Duck, which is easily the best Mega Man game ever made.

My first home console was the Super Nintendo. We got ours the year Super Mario All-Stars came out, and we got it with Super Bomberman and Another World. My dad immediately wanted to start renting games for it, so he picked up The Lawnmower Man while my sister and I got The Lion King and Mortal Kombat II respectively. We played ‘em for a week, then had to return them. I wouldn’t play Mortal Kombat II again until 1997 when I’d be given a copy for the Amiga.

What were your first consoles?

Beautiful wake up and Amiga with my coffee

Today I had the opportunity to pass sometime playing with my Amiga 2000. The computer was not even on my desktop, as I recently brought it from the previous home. So I woke up, I made my coffee and immidiately began to set up the computer.

As soon as I turned it on memories came in front of my eyes, not just because I am using again an Amiga computer, but because I have the opportunity to wake up and do that, as I am drinking my coffee at the morning. It was my favorite hour for a long time ago. It was and it is the only thing that make me feel relaxed and calm. 

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The Wilson A2000 enters its 55th year of game changing performance.  Constructed from world famous Pro Stock leather; the secret of it’s unmatched lifespan.   All you need to do is put it on - You’ll feel it.  The millions of hours of engineers, ballplayers and craftsmen working together to put their passion in the palm of your hand.

Pro Stock ™ Game Model: Developed in tandem by Aso and Evan Longoria. All customizations and tweaks identical to his gamer.  Evan favors the old school style of the EL3 in terms of it’s saddle tan color, and the Cross Web. Evan fell in love with Mike Lowell’s glove the first time he saw it, and tweaked it just a little to make it his own.

Evan Longoria signed this bat at our retail location in Phoenix, Arizona on November 1st, 2011. The certificate of Authenticity is included.


  • Signed at Arcadia Sports in Phoenix, Arizona on November 1st, 2011
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity
  • Pro Stock Leather - American steerhide prized by professional players for its rugged durability and unmatched feel
  • Dual-Welting- provides a stable and durable pocket
  • Pro Stock Patterns - exclusive hand designed patterns continuously improved by Aso-san and the Wilson Advisory Staff
  • Dri-Lex - ultra breathable wrist lining that transfers moisture away from the skin
  • Designed to play your way - with either one or two fingers in the pinky stall
  • Cross web refined by Evan Longoria
  • D Shaped deep pocket
  • Condition: New