a2 print

One of my work for the Uni.

He’ll wait and find that special space station for both of you~

I’m working on series of MM posters, trying to imitate an Alphonse Mucha’s style, and here’s the first one, with your boy Seven! ;з

And they’re huge, like, it will be printed in A2 size. Σ(・ิ¬・ิ) Not sure when exactly I’ll finish, but I plan to in the end of march, and of course I will let everyone know, hahah. Also will update this post with speedpaint later, but it’s terrible ;;;;;

Upd. And here it is! ;;; (Video must work, if you open my original post)


We are releasing two gorgeous, high-quality poster prints of Sunless Sea and Fallen London art with Gamer’s Edition at EGX this weekend!

Demeaux’s Navigational Chart of the Known Unterzee is a high-quality A2 Giclee print. Mrs Plenty’s Rubbery Lumps is a high-quality A3 Giclee print. The artwork is by our Art Director, misterarendt.

You can buy the Sunless Sea map and Mrs Plenty’s Rubbery Lumps prints at the Gamer’s Edition stand at EGX in Birmingham, UK.

Our special prints are limited edition, and any which remain after EGX will be available to buy online afterward via Gamer’s Edition’s site!

I have finally completed the Carnivore Skull Size Chart! This chart contains some of the biggest and smallest carnivore skulls and will soon be available as A2 prints! - more details to come


‘Inside Ya Body’

these are the six A2 prints that i made for my solo installation at this years Pick Me Up - a graphic arts festival in London

more soon x

Following on from the homage to Yoji Shinkawa and his vibrant style which influenced the Metal Gear series I decided to complete a full collage of the characters from that first PlayStation hit.

Taking a cue from reference images I found across the web (some of which have been reproduced pretty accurately, others combined with other references) I created versions of the characters which have been coloured and illustrated in a way which pays homage to Yoji. I also added a touch of my own heavy inking style and a sprinkle of Manga inspired design to make a version of the MGS world which I would love to see in action.

Taking 12 hours complete, this was produced entirely in Manga Studio EX 5. It will be available to view as a framed A2 print at this years Cardiff Comic con.