a2 graphic design

“I Like Boots”

Final Exam Piece for A2 Graphic Communitcation @Ctk

Wednesday 9th May 2012, Thrusday 10th May 2012, Firday 11th May 2012

This is Typographic type of work

Concept of the work advertisment of those boots using words

Software used Photoshop :)


A reminder of the work that needs to be completed for next week

A2 & AS Graphics - all work needs to be uploaded

- FINISH Brainstorm of exam paper

- COMPLETE Facts & information from research on 4 ideas

- FINISH visualisation of four ideas from the facts (using secondary imagery)

- FINISH Photocopy experiments (layering and repeating)

- 15 - 20 photographs based on exam paper

look at Ed’s exam from last year - http://arty-edexam.tumblr.com/page/4

A2 Graphics - You must also complete the first draft of your essay so we can mark it

Exams and Holidays

Hello all,

It was great to see many of you coming in over the holiday last Wednesday and lots of you have good ideas and have done lots of development. 

College is open this week and Richard Hards is in for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, he has told me he will be willing to speak to anyone about their idea progression. For those who don’t know Richard, he teaches Fine Art and Textiles in HSFC, and you may have seen him in the enrichment projects. He also teaches Graphic Design at a college in Wandsworth so he will be able to help you with graphic design ideas and computer concerns. I encourage everyone to use this time to have un-interupted access to the macs.

Quite a few of you have been asking me questions through the mail section in Tumblr, and you can continue to do that and I will respond.

Good luck and see you next week. PLEASE be prepared for the exams!

For those who weren’t in last week I went through two good examples of last years student AS exam Tumblr’s


http://ll-graphics-exam.tumblr.com/  (you have to click on the links for both)

A2 Example -