Introducing a new magazine: A1K

Introducing a new magazine: A1K

On Oct. 1, in the celebration of the 100th Esguard magazine issue, we present a new project that I have the pleasure of directing. A digital magazine that mixes illustrations and comics journalism called A1K. Soon we will be able to give more information!

En Germà Capdevila parlant dels nous projecte d’Esguard Publicacions: ull.cat, FCBMag i A1K.

La família de col·laboradors d’Esguard…

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Archbishop Bob Duncan and I at Anglican 1000. #a1k #Parkersburg, WV. We are gathered with about 400 other church planters on the final day of summit. Have learned much. I am looking forward to employing ideas in Parkersburg, WV this spring/summer.