Through the Years (For Ellie’s W.C.)

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This is for @ellie-bee242‘s writing competition.

Word Count: 6,894

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Warnings: swearing, public fingering, dirty talk, masturbation (female), oral (male on female), protected sex, daddy kink, kinky Dylan, overstimulation, 

A/N: I was meaning to get around to writing longer fics and I immediately had an idea! Thanks @ellie-bee242 for the unintentional motivation! I have song links for each part of the story, so listen to it when you read (some parts have 2 songs). I have bolded parts of the story that go along with my prompts. I hope you guys like this and stay tuned for the entries for my writing competition.

Prompts: 1) Because you can’t go to sleep, 9) Because you’re in a hotel, & 10) Curiosity

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World Eruri Conference 2017

Location: Redacted

Dates: Don’t Pretend Like You Don’t Know

Note: Any classes that are listed TBA have not been assigned. If you would like to volunteer for something, please leave a comment!  WEC Chair reserves the right to refuse volunteers on any grounds. 

The WEC isn’t responsible for anything that you do on your own time. If you risk getting us kicked out of the hotel, the Underground Eruris have offered to remove you from the property. Maintain your Eruri. Be polite like Erwin, clean up like Levi.


15:00: Hotel Check In

15:00 - 17:00: Weekend Registration

17:00 - 19:00: Welcome To World Eruri Conference by The Founder of the Erurinati via Skype (distorted image and voice for maintenance of anonymity) followed directly by The Eruri GIF and AMVs of the Year Awards 

Conference Room A

19:00 - 22:00: Cigar Social 

Hotel patio nearest the bar

19:00 - 22:00: Non-alcohol Social 

Conference Room B


Artist Alley opens at 9:00 and closes from 14:00 - 15:30, opens again from 16:00 - 18:00, Located in The Ballroom, Security Time Donated by Underground Eruris, Booths are $10 for the weekend

9:00 - 10:00: Saturday and Sunday Registration

9:00 - 10:00: Eruri 101, Learning to Articulate Tears: “ *Strangled Emotional Noises* ” by @flecksofpoppy

Conference Room B

10:00 - 11:00:  Ageism and Eruri: “Dont You Dare Fucking Ask Me if I’ve Watched This Whole Anime, You Pimple-faced Youngster.” Panel directed by @momtaku @lostcauses-noregrets @world-war-eruri  

Conference Room A

10:00 - 11:00: How to Combat the Hate with Love: “Why Can’t We Be Friends, Bitch?” - The Founder of the Erurinati (Distorted Skype Call)

Conference Room B

11:00 - 12:00: Love Scenes: “How Many Ways Can I Make Them Touch Cocks?” - TBA

Conference Room C

11:00 - 12:00: The Canon Evidence: “I Know What I Saw. You Can’t Gaslight Me.” - @mirsama

Conference Room D

12:00 - 13:00: Lunch. Restaurants within walking distance: Subway, McDonald’s, Los Amantes (try the double banana flan butt), KFC, Pho Me. 

13:00 - 14:00:  The Labor of Love: “I Worked My Ass Off On This, and I Did It For the Love.” - @gouguruheddo and @erwinsalive  (Be sure to congratulate the newlyweds.)

Conference Room C

13:00 - 14:00: Porn in Public: “Where Can I Sit on This Public Transport Vehicle So No One Can See That I’m Drawing Cocks?” - @zedsdead1001

Conference Room D

14:00 - 16:00:  Keynote Speaker: Stereobone speaking on: Literally Whatever the Hell She Wants to Talk About: “How To Ache Hearts and Still Curl Toes”

Conference Room A and B 

Maximum Room Capacity 5,000 Eruris

Security Time Graciously Donated by Underground Eruris

Note: If you bought VIP WEC passes, show your badge to the guy in Mike cosplay near the stage after the presentation, and he will take you to the Meet and Greet Stereobone area. 

14:00 - 15:00: Researching for Love Scenes: “My Boss Told Me Not to Use UrbanDictionary at Work Anymore.” - @valisi-clark

The Gender Neutral Bathroom at the end of Floor 2, nicotine and alcohol allowed, leather required, 21+ only

14:00 - 15:00: How to Cope with the Grief of Your Favorite Fic Never Being Finished: “Are You Gonna Finish That? I’m Starving.” - TBA

Handkerchiefs and Sobbing Pillows Provided By (We Still Need a Donor)

Conference Room C

14:00 - 15:00: Muti-Shipping and OT3: “I Like All of the Genitals.” - TBA

Conference Room D

15:00 - 16:00: : How to Embrace the Hate: “Cunty Thot Who Doesn’t Even Read the Manga Doesn’t Give a Fuck.” - @birbwin 

Conference Room C

15:00 - 16:00:  Rarepairs Forum: “Our Love Shack is Smol, but Our Ship is Strong.” - @minxiebutt

Conference Room D

16:00 - 17:00:  The Commissions, the RedBubble, the Society6: “This Ship is Starving Me, But I’m So Thirsty.” - Panel Hosted by @seitsensarvi

Panel is in Artist Alley along the back wall of the ballroom. Autographs from favorite artists will be available after the panel. Artists are behind glass for their safety. Security Time Donated by Underground Eruris.

16:00 - 17:00:  Eruri Art Analysis: “Look at This Archive. Isn’t It Neat? Wouldn’t You Think My Collection’s Complete? You’re Wrong.” by @flecksofpoppy

Conference Room C

16:00 - 17:00: How to Put the Spark Back in Your Fandom Fire: “My Ship is Sinking, But I Still Have a Boner. S.O.S.” - TBA

Conference Room D

22:00 - 0:00: Domestics and Sex: “Washing the Dishes Followed by Fucking”, A Eruri Workshop 18+ by @world-war-eruri and a Skype Call from Carthage.

Conference Room A and B


Artist Alley opens at 9:00 and closes at 11:00, Located in the Ballroom, Security Time Donated by Underground Eruris

9:00 - 10:00: Day Pass Registration

10:00 - 11:00: The Importance of Nile Dok’s Presence in Erwin Smith’s Life Roundtable led by @momtaku 

Conference Room A

10:00 - 11:00: Fuck Nile Dok Roundtable led by @lostcauses-noregrets

Conference Room B

(The Wall between Conference Room A and Conference Room B will be dropped after the Roundtables for a Unity Rave that lasts until 12:00.)

10:00 - 11:00: Self-Soothing Through Fandom: “When I Feel Sad, I Read This Fanfiction / Look at This Art and That Makes Everything Better.” / Creating Healing Art: “You Had a Bad Day? Look at this Kokko Heichou! Look at these precious Eruris!”  -  @erwinsalive and @cheekysmiletoo 

Conference Room C

11:00 - 12:00: The Rickroll High Five Festival:  “Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Let You Down, Put That Hand Up, I’m Gonna Slap It”  Orchestrated by @sugardaddyerwinsmith

Conference Room A  (”Never Gonna Give You Up” will be playing for the entire hour. Participants are encouraged to sing along but not required.)

11:00 - 12:00: The Eruri Merch Orgy. “Look at this!” Orchestrated by @kittyboo8015 

Conference Room B

11:00 - 12:00: The ConDrop: “How to Survive the World When You Really Just Want to Stay at WEC Forever.” - TBA

Conference Room C

12:00: Hotel Checkout 

13:00  -14:00: Erwin and Levi Q & A Panel (from cosplayers TBA): “Why Is There A Conference For This? Erwin is Confused. Levi is Embarrassed and Grumpy. Applause Follows. A Love Story.”

Conference Room A and B

Maximum Room Capacity 5,000 Eruris

Security Time Graciously Donated by Underground Eruris

14:00 - 15:00 : State of the Ship Address by The Founder of the Erurinati via Skype (distortion maintained) and Goodbye Hug Fest 

Conference Room A and B

Sense8: Season 2 Analysis

First, sorry for my English, I´m a mess but… I haven’t english’s sensate, haha.

Well, the state of analyzing clothes, scenery and clapboards, to be able to connect all this. I hope to hit something, and not make a mistake.

I’ll go in chronological order to the series. So we started with the photos from episode 1 (Christmas special = espisode 0). Warning, although there are theories there are things that can be spoiler, so if you do not like spoilers, STOP READING.

  • The first thing I’m going to analyze is this photo:

Okay, the first thing is to assume it’s Positano. Why? For this (pink circle):

We know for certain that this scene occurs on the honeymoon of Kala, in Positano, so that scene as well. On the other hand you can see what the green arrow indicates, it is a candle, candle that tells us that scene belongs to the espisode number 1 of the season (the Christmas special) How do I know? For this:

The clapboards give a lot of information. Also highlights that Riley’s clothes match ?. On the other hand, I have marked two squares.

Red: Season + espisode number 2.01 (Christmas Special)

Blue: Sequence number (¿B?)(35A) and scenes (there are many) What does this indicate? The sequence is the same dramatic unit while the scenes differentiate different places or times. The parenthesis with the B indicates that it is not the central axis of the action, that is, that sequence does not focus on Kala, or at least do not connect in principle by Kala.

With this I want to come to the following conclusion. Perhaps this scene was removed from the espisode . But I have another theory, and it’s going to be part of a FLASHBACK. I think we will have several important this season. I do not think that a sequence, made up of so many scenes is eliminated because yes, or it was not so important (something that the girls do not look like) or because of problems of postproduction time could not be included (more likely). It must be remembered that this scene may have been recorded in four countries (one for each girl).

But another thing to take into account is the clothes, we did not see in the Christmas espisode that in any moment one of them would wear those clothes. And I look especially at Riley who goes in short sleeve (very summer) and Nomi (who is quite warm) for what is San Francisco.

And here again the candle. And Doona goes in the jail costume.

And here are those sofas, which appear in the sequence.

  • We go to espisode number 2 (episode number 1 of season):

More clapboards:

Green: “SCENE”

Red:  Sequence number 6A

Below we can see EPISODE and 2.02, which tells us that this scene will be in espisode number 2 (which is number 1).

Espisode 2.02, scene 15F (F? sixth?, I do not know what that means there, maybe one of these scenes in which they are all walking or something) On the other hand, just below it says: (14,18, A19,19) So maybe it can be part of other scenes in other countries as I said walking, we know Wolfie likes to walk and think.

On the other hand agrees with Capheus, we can read 15B (17,18, A19), so clearly they are connected.

  • Episode 4 (3):

More clapboards:

Green: 204 (2x04)

Red: Escene 55E (57), We’ll see a connection, clearly with Will, Riley and Nomi with Lito. We can see MEXICO CITY in the Clapboard.

And so the action goes beyond. According to the following photos that were recorded in Amsterdam:

Well, I cont … WAIT! Riley’s clothes sound to me, do not you?

But there is a problem, Nomi does not match. But it’s that if you look closely, or are different scenes or Riley’s clothes change up to three times. It’s a tricky subject.

Left pink: Very close neckline and black t-shirt.

Central pink: Circular and black.

Right pink: Peak and green.

Well, as I said before, maybe it’s a flashback referred to the timeline of the first espisode (birthday, honeymoon, Christmas …) Or a future scene, but then we would not have the clue of 2.01 and the candle. WHAT A MESS!

  • Episode 6 (5):

Anything important, except this pic:

Although I have not indicated it indicates the espisode number, and here Sun is already wearing normal clothes, as seen in other photos, so it is supposed to be free.

  • Now 2.08 (episode 7):

Three important things in this photo.

Red: espisode number 2.08. (7)

Green: Mumbay (I believe 80% does not put M. City) So this scene would be related to Kala and Lito, but at the same time this scene is connected with another.

Pink: Yes, the most important thing is Lito, look how he is dressed. There are two important details, his chain, in the neck carries a ring, Lito will marry? The pajama does not look familiar?

Well, yes, there we have it, the same pajamas. Will it be in that espisode? As I said at the beginning I can not assure you, they are theories.

Green: Perhaps the dress of Kala coincides with this day:

You can see how Tina wears a spice of shorts (I’m not sure, it could be the blue blanket from the photo below). But all this may be connected with this:

Or maybe it has nothing to do, or maybe the last three if they are connected (I rely on the light type, so it’s not very reliable).

On the other hand, let’s analyze another important thing of the photo:

I think the circles speak for themselves, same clothes, same scenario, it seems to coincide and that Wolfgang will have another fight with the girl that Kala looks at and speaks as if he hated a lot.

And finally and without much information we have these from espisode 10 (9) and 11 (10), the last):

Who’s next to Nomi and Amanita?

Good and to finish some loose things:


[Nomi lies recovering from her surgery.]

Nomi (Voice Over):  When I woke up, the first thing I felt was Tegan’s hand holding mine. Her smile was the first thing I saw. And her voice singing Happy Birthday was the first thing I heard.

[Tegan is holding her hand and singing to her with a carrot cake cupcake and a number 1 candle.]


A large group of friends and cops spill into the hall. Diego leads Riley into the room - -

En el guión filtrado podemos ver como Nomi tiene un flashback, lo que no podemos deducir que es la cirugía de cambio de sexo, ya que su hermana le canta cumpleaños como si hubiera vuelto a nacer. Y no es el único flashback.

Here we see that after the Flashback of Nomi, two hard scenes come, Diego takes Riley and Will (who are in CHICAGO) to the hospital, Gorski (Will’s father) is sick and finally dies. But it does not have to be in the same episode, as this is a ROADING plan.

But it is not the only one here we see another flashback (now / then) You can read GORSKI (father of Will) YOUNGER. Also read as Riley tells Diego (friend of Will) everything that has happened, this seems to be angry (this is not a flashback).

And finally:

From here it can only be deduced that the Kala / Riley scene occurs in India, and occurs in the same episode that for some reason, Nomi and Amanita are in the forest.

I hope your theories also, that you liked the analysis and that it works for your theories also.

I wait for your opinions @double-tequila-squared @scaredofuhlek @fvuckyeahsense8 @kalagodgiven @gear65

tips on how to be a good person

1. don’t say someones art fucks u up and then call urself a nice person

2. don’t be a sadist

3. don’t wish death upon someones pets

4. don’t send a clown picture when someone is upset about something (AND DONT MAKE THE EXCUSE OF SAYING “i didn’t know whats happening uwu )

5. don’t be happy about someone breaking down

6. don’t guilt trip someone right after you were being a dick and admitted you like making someone pissed?? like you just want attention

7. don’t be a dickwad to someone younger than you

8. don’t reject someones apology and send a lot of middle finger emojis you just seem like a huge prick ( and don’t say “ok fine i accept ur apology sorry :(((” bc it sounds like you just don’t want to start up shit)

9. don’t drink at a young age pls this isn’t a tip on how 2 be good i am concerned if ur like 15 and u drink do not

10. don’t make fun of someone for having a crush/feelings for people?? and don’t be all like “lol whose ur crush for this week” more like i could ask you “lol who are you gonna be a dick 2 this week???” (just don’t try to get personal shit  from someone)

11. i can bring up guilt tripping a lot 

heres an example tho

don’t be like “hey are you proud of urself u made them cry” to a person

when actually that one person who was crying was actually rude, wished death upon someones pet, admitted they liked pissing people off?? like jesus fuck don’t guilt trip like idk what ur trying to achieve here.

12. hey don’t b like “how am i losing friends??” OH its probably bc ur a douchebag 

13. i repeat don’t be a sadist even if u feel like u rnt being one 

14. just don’t be a dick thank

15. do

16. not

17. be

18. a



Introducción: El derecho de la mujer a disfrutar del más alto nivel de salud debe asegurarse a través de toda su vida en igualdad con el hombre. Las mujeres se ven afectadas por muchas de las mismas condiciones de salud que los hombres, pero ellas las sufren de manera distinta.

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Wyniki Promo

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Five Happy Things

Newt Imagines. 

Warning Its EXTREMELY sad. Like I don’t know what came over me when I wrote this. ugh. 



Your POV 

It was dark.

So dark you were scared.

In the glade it got dark all the time sure, but there was always some sort of light. Stars. The distant glow of the bonfire. The torches you and the other gladers had scattered about the glade.

You were never left in total darkness, until now.

Next to you Teresa was sleeping silently. She had passed out the minuet her head hit the pillow. It had been a long day for all of you. Escaping the maze, watching your friends die, being taken to a strange new place. You were tired to, but fear had frozen you in time. You couldn’t sleep too afraid to close you eyes.

Every time you blinked you saw the faces of the ones you lost.



Sometimes even a griever flashed before your eyes. Causing your heat to skip a beat.

You were shaking and you could feel a panic attack coming on.

Newt was always there when you had panic attacks. You remember the millions of time you would crawl out of your hammock and into his own. He never complained, was never mad if you woke him up. He was happy to help and wrapped you up in his warm strong arms.

What you would give to be in them now.

“Newt.” You whisper standing above him.

“Yeah?” He mumbles turning around in his hammock. He looks up at you.

Your face is stained in tears and your eyes are red. As soon as he sees you the tiredness is gone from his eyes.

“Y/n come here.” He opens his arms to you an you immediately climb into them. He holds your shaking form calmly rubbing you back while whispering stories into your ear.

They were always about life outside the glade. Life away from the four huge walls that kept you caged inside.

“It will all be alright. I’m here. I’ll protect you. Thats a promise.” He whispers while leaning back taking you with him so you could lie with him in his hammock, to lie in his arms. Your tiny little sanctuary

Tears threatened your eyes and you heard Teresa stir next to you. Not wanting to wake her from your shaking and silent tears you slowly crawl of of the bed. Carefully running your hand across the wall as you walk.

Unable to hear or see anything around you your frozen in fear. Its something you have never experienced before and as terrifying as it was, it made you feel… numb.

Like you were floating in a starless sky.

Finally you feel a crack in the wall and then the door nob. You sigh in relief. You were determined to get to Newt.

They had separated the girls and the boys much to your dismay. Newt’s eyes had locked with yours and you could see the pain, the worry, the frustration. You had told him it would be alright, that you would be alright.

You were very wrong.

You turn the door nob and push… but the door doesn’t open. You try it again.


You push harder.

It doesn’t budge.

You feel your throat begin to close. The room is so so dark. The bed no where in sight. You’ve never felt so alone.

Slowly you slide down the door and hide your head in your hands. The tears come slowly sliding  down your face.

Think of five happy things. You hear Newt’s Voice your my head.

It was like a game. Whenever you had a panic attack (which was often) he would hold you in his arms and tell you to think of five happy things.


How could you even think of one? You had lost your friends? You had no idea where you were? Still no idea who you were, if your parents are alive? and now you don’t even have Newt.

What if these people were bad? What if the boys were in trouble yet again and Newt was hurt? What if you were never able to tell him how you felt about him? How you loved him?

So many years were spent in fear, the idea of being safe never even entered your mind.

But what if you were… safe?

“Five happy things.” You whisper closing your eyes. You think back to the happy times in the glade.

“One. The bonfire dances.” You whisper and a small giggle escapes your mouth. Every month there would be a bonfire to celebrate the new greenie. You remember your bonfire… it was roughly three years ago. You were still a little shaken up and scared so the boys each took turns dancing with you till you smiled so much your face hurt.

“May I have this next day m’lady.” Newt says with a bow and you laugh.

“I got her to laugh!” He says snapping up and yelling to the others who cheer and laugh raising their moonshine jars in the air.
Newt takes your hand in his and starts to twirl you around. His eyes sparkling, reflections of the flames dancing within them.

Laughter filled the air and fear no longer lived within you. Just happiness…

“Two. The gardens.” The gardens were always your favorite place to spend time in the glade. Not only was Newt always there with you but, the flowers were your pride and joy. You had begged Newt to request for some flowers and he did. You spent weeks tending to them until the glade had not just a vegetable garden but a field of blooming flowers as well that brought color and light into the glade.

You remembered making flower necklaces with…chuck. Newt even wore one on his head.

“Please Please Please Please!” You beg putting your hands together and squeezing your eyes tight.

“No! I’m not waring that!” Newt says laughing and trying to hand you back the flower crown you had made for him.

“But I made it just for you!” You say throwing your hands in the air. “Come on! Pretty please with a cherry on top!” You say smiling.

“No! I don’t care how many cherries or whatnot you put on top.” He joked.

“Please.” This time you stick out your bottom lip and give the best puppy eyes you can give.

“Not the puppy eyes!”Newt groans. “Thats not fair you know I can’t say no to that face.” Newt says blushing.

You can feel your cheeks redden as well.

“Please” You whisper one last time and thats all it took.

“Fine.” Newt puffs taking the crown and placing it on his head.

Its crooked and you laugh adjusting it for him.

“It looks great on you!” You say grinning.

“Yeah yeah.” and with that he turns around getting a bunch of cat calls from the other gladers…

“Three. Pancakes.” It only happened once but you would never forget it. You had severe period cramps and after a very uncomfortable conversation the guys you were given the week off to rest. It was early in the morning when you heard someone nocking at your door.

“Come it!” You groan holding your stomach.

The door opened and in came Newt holding a tray along with Chuck.

“We made you pancakes!” Little Chuck smiled as Newt placed the tray on your bedside table.

“Aww boys.” Slowly you lifted yourself up, Newt helping you placing his hand on the small of your back.

“Hope they taste alright. Not the best cook.”Newt says blushing.

“You guys are the best.” You say wrapping an arms around Chuck and giving Newt a huge smile. He smiled back. The pain for a moment… washed away

“Four. Kicking griever butt.” The events of today flashed back through your mind as pride surged threw your veins. You and your fellow gladers had fought so well against the grievers you were so proud.

Stay by my side Y/n.” Newt says his hand in yours. He held your hand the minuet you both stepped into the maze and hasn’t let go since.

“Always Newt.” You whisper not even sure if he heard you but you sense him turn and he stares at you. You look back into those eyes you love so much and give him a reassuring smile.

“We are going to be ok.” You say squeezing his hand. “Now lets go kick some griever ass yeah?” You ask and he smiles. He opens his mouth to say something but then a griever screeches and you take off running spear in one hand your other one clenched into a fist. You turn to see Newt next to you and he smiles at you then looks ahead. Together you both charge at the nasty monster. This was it you were getting out of here…

“Five. Newt.” Newt was everything you could ever want and more. He always took care of you and protected you the minuet you came up from the box. He was always your fifth happy thing although you would never tell him always quickly coming up with some other ridiculous thing that brought a smile to your lips and his as well. If you ever got out of here you were going to tell him the truth. No more hiding. You loved him and he needed to know even if he didn’t feel the same you just needed him to know.

At this point the tears were gone and you weren’t shaking any more.


You hear the door click and a stream of light fills the room. Unsure of who or what was coming you hide in the corner shielded by the shadows.

“Is A1 in here?” A strange voice you have never hear before asks. Its a man.

“Yes and so should A19.” Another says other man, you could tell from how deep his voice was.

“But I don’t see her?” The first voice says annoyed.

“Doesn’t matter A1 is who we need. Its time for the second trails to begin.” You hear them come into the room.


“Hey leave me alone!” You hear Teresa scream and you watch in horror as they rip her from the bed.

Your frozen in fear and she calls out to you.

“Y/n! Y/N!”

“Teresa!” You stand up revealing yourself to them. One hold her while the other storms over to you and throws one hard punch right to your head.

You fall to the ground but the man doesn’t stop hitting you again and again kicking you till you can no longer move. No longer feel.

“Stop! Stop!” Its Teresa but its to dark to see.

“Stop! Your going to kill her!” The man holding Teresa says. “We can’t mess with the variables.”

“She can’t tell them we took her!” The other one yells back. He look down at you then walks away clearly thinking you dead.

He walks back and together then force Teresa out of the room.

Then they are gone and once again you are left in the darkness.


Your whole body hurts and you feel yourself start to slip away.

Sadness fills your heart. You don’t want to die. You had servived the maze. The griever. Everything.

All just to die here.

Now Newt would never know.

Tears threaten your eyes once again but, you refuse to let them fall. Refuse to let your final thoughts be one of pain, sadness.

“Five happy things.” You whisper. Mind going blank.

Five happy things.


Newt’s POV

“What the bloody hell is going on!” I yell running a hand threw my hair. Bodies. Dead bodies of the people who helped us hung from the ceiling.

I had searched and thankfully none of them were her.

“Where is Teresa?” Thomas says frantically running around and looking at the dead pail faces of our once saviors.

“Over here!” I hear Minho yell. I run over to him along with Thomas. Minho is slamming the door nob off of another door and it flies open.

“Teresa!” Thomas yells and he runs inside.

“Y/N!” I call running in after him.

Searching we find nothing and Thomas sits on the bed defeated.

Where is she. Where is Y/n? Panic fills my entire body. I couldn’t have lost her not after everything. I was going to tell her that I loved her in the maze but I wasn’t given the chance. I had to tell her now.

“help.” I hear a small little voice crack from behind the door.

I’m there in a second and look behind it to find Y/n laying there a bleeding mess.

“Y/n NO!” I slam the door causing Minho and Thomas to jump.

I take her weak body and rest her head on my lap taking her hand in mine.

“Y/n oh my God who did this to you baby?” I ask her tears threatening my eyes. 

“Wick…Wicked…” She pants her eyes dropping.

“No. No. Baby Y/n stay awake. Stay with me love.” I squeeze her hand and stroke her face.

“I’m so cold Newt… so tired.” She shiver and I gently take her in my arms rubbing her sides to warm her but she is cold to the touch and I watch her slowly start to slip away the bleed refusing to stop.

“Y/n baby stay awake. We’re going to get you help.” I look up to Thomas and Minho.

“Guys help me! Get me something to wrap her in now!’ I scream.

“Newt…” Minho starts.

“NO!” I scream. “GO!” They both leave. I know what he was going to say. Its too late. Tears pour down my face as I hold her in my arms.

“I love you Newt.” Its so soft I barely hear it. I look at her in shock and she smiles at me. “I always have.” Her beautiful eyes stare deep into mine and even now I can’t help but wonder at her beauty. Even on the brink of death she is still stunning. 

“I love you too y/n… so much… love please don’t leave me not now not after everything.” I whimper holding her close.

“Don’t be sad Newt. Think of five happy things.” She smiles and starts to go limp in my arms.

I shake her awake. “No baby stay awake. I’m going to get you help.” Where are they?

“Its alright Newt… just stay with me.” She whispers getting weaker and weaker by the second.

I stare into her eyes and she looks back at me with so much love i feel my heart about to burst.

“I should have told you earlier my love.” I say stroking her cheek.

“Its alright.” She whisper. “I love you Newt.” She says and i lean in and place my lips on her chapped ones. The kiss is slow, passionate and sad. Almost as if she is saying goodbye.

“I love you.” I whimper against her lips.

“Five happy things.” She whisper and then she is gone. I scream out in agony and pull her limp body to my chest.

How could this happen. How?

I hold her dead body in my arms and I feel as if the tears will never stop.

I loved her so so much.

Wicked will pay for this. They all will.

Looking at her one last time I place a kiss to her forehead.

Five happy things.

Her hair.

Her eyes.

Her laugh.

Her voice.

Her spirit.

A small smile works its way onto my lips as I lay her on the bed in the room. I fold her arms over her stomach and kiss her once last time.

I feel someone put a hand on my shoulder.


“They will pay for this.” He says threw gritted teeth.

“You bet they will.” Minho says kicking the wall.

“They better watch out because we’re coming for them.” I say together we leave and I look one last time at her laying there almost as if she is sleeping.

She is in a better place now with Ably and Chuck.

I’ll see her again once again. One day in a happier world where no one will ever hurt her again. 

My one and only love.


New stuff for Bronycon! Stickers and blankets!

My stickers did well at Midwest bronyfest (sold out of sweetie woona early day 2, and I had like 15 of them!) so I reprinted a bunch of em and added 3 new designs! I still have to handcut all of them which takes *hours*, but I got them much cheaper this time around thanks to some handy print file editing, so they’ll be even cheaper at Bronycon!

The Sweetie blankets are an experiment, but they turned out like, really good. They’re super super soft, and I mean super SUPER soft. It’s not microfiber soft but plush soft and I love it. They’re very warm and adorable to boot! I’ve only printed 3 of them, and a fourth is going to the Bronycon charity auction, so if you want one you may need to find me quick! I want to see how they do, and I may open up to special orders on blankets as well as new designs depending on how fast they go. Fingers crossed eh?

In addition to these, I’ll have prints (including that last flooter), buttons, a few mouse pads, and even mugs!

I’ll be booth A19 this year so please come say hi if you’re around! I always love meeting people and it sometimes gets lonely at that table all day haha

Well, it finally happened. I’m a bonafide, certified, Armenian Peace Corps volunteer. As of yesterday afternoon, I joined a small, but elite group of individuals who have served in Armenia. I passed my language exam, walked the ceremony, received my “diploma,” got the official Armenian Peace Corps pin and of course, made the oath. My 2 years (730 days) begins today.

Speaking of today, it was not all roses and chocolate kisses. In fact, it was probably the hardest day of my life. Saying goodbye to my host family was more difficult than saying goodbye to my family back home! They have been so amazing and understanding! As I was whisked away in my uncle’s chariot (no idea what kind of car it was) to the meeting point in my village, nearly everyone of my family members was in tears…as was I!

Then, once the 8 of us arrived at our central departure, it was more tears and goodbyes to the other 32 volunteers! Which was just as hard. Granted, we’ll be seeing each soon enough. But the idea that perhaps we won’t see each other as often is disheartening.

In the photo, you’ll most (if not all) the volunteers with our PC issued fire extinguishers and combination smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.

Until next time peeps.


Mí otra parte de humano se sumerge instantaneamente en la profundidad del mar cuando dejo de lado el rencor. Los recuerdos evocados en mí mente se liberan como burbujas de oxigeno a la superficie, tantos, y tan rapidamente, que me permiten morir… feliz.