Mí otra parte de humano se sumerge instantaneamente en la profundidad del mar cuando dejo de lado el rencor. Los recuerdos evocados en mí mente se liberan como burbujas de oxigeno a la superficie, tantos, y tan rapidamente, que me permiten morir… feliz.

Well, it finally happened. I’m a bonafide, certified, Armenian Peace Corps volunteer. As of yesterday afternoon, I joined a small, but elite group of individuals who have served in Armenia. I passed my language exam, walked the ceremony, received my “diploma,” got the official Armenian Peace Corps pin and of course, made the oath. My 2 years (730 days) begins today.

Speaking of today, it was not all roses and chocolate kisses. In fact, it was probably the hardest day of my life. Saying goodbye to my host family was more difficult than saying goodbye to my family back home! They have been so amazing and understanding! As I was whisked away in my uncle’s chariot (no idea what kind of car it was) to the meeting point in my village, nearly everyone of my family members was in tears…as was I!

Then, once the 8 of us arrived at our central departure, it was more tears and goodbyes to the other 32 volunteers! Which was just as hard. Granted, we’ll be seeing each soon enough. But the idea that perhaps we won’t see each other as often is disheartening.

In the photo, you’ll most (if not all) the volunteers with our PC issued fire extinguishers and combination smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.

Until next time peeps.