I’m off to the Supernatural con in Birmingham this weekend. My first con out in the thick of it, rather than peering nervously at the fun from behind the scenes.

The Friday night costume party has an ‘Alternative Superhero’ theme, so I’m going as tumblr personified. Because of course tumblr would be a superhero. She kickpunches Facebook twice before breakfast every morning. Or, you know, she sends someone else to do it because she has more important shit to scroll through, okay.

So, here is the cape I made. Capes are grand. I highly recommend getting one just to swoosh, strut and twirl about the house in. I may never take it off.

The cape will be my security blanket at a party full of strangers tomorrow night, which is fitting given that tumblr has become my security blanket for coping with the real world.


I got home from Supernatural A10Con yesterday, I am fucking exhausted, bruised, bleeding and hoarse from screaming/singing.
But I feel like that every time I come home from a Supernatural convention I suppose.
I’m going to do the post round-up over the course of this evening so photos and videos should all be up before I go to bed tonight, I’ll do a personal highlight post, a panel highlight post and then put up photos and videos.
I’d also like to apologise to the people who usually stalk my twitter when a UK convention is on for panel live-tweets because my phone started playing up on Friday and I had difficulty getting signal in the main ballroom so was unable to live-tweet much of anything from the panels over the weekend, but I’m sure Tumblr/Twitter has filled you all in.
I HAVE SOME BAT-SHIT-CRAZY ROCK AND ROLL STORIES TO SHARE, OF BOTH THE ACTORS AND THE FANS, but this is the first day I have not woken up hungover since last Wednesday so bear with me here as I string it all together.