a1 store

grocery store || p.j.m.

A1 “i love you.
B45 grocery store
C5 whispering

It was too early for any of this. Too early for the cheesy music being played over the speakers, the squeaky wheels of the cart, and the bustle of people that went on around me. It all pushed my buttons more and more with each shout I heard from across the store, but all I could do was breathe out a sigh and continue down the aisles.

“You would think that some people would be too tired to yell,” my boyfriend said, grabbing a random box off of the shelf and putting it back a second later before adding, “But I guess not.”

It might have been the lack of coffee that I had, but every little thing made my mood a little more sour and shoved my buttons a little closer to the edge. Every little item on my grocery list that I couldn’t find pushed another huff through my lips and every unexcused shove by a stranger colored my face a darker shade of red.

It wasn’t until I felt Jimin’s hand on my shoulder that I stopped pushing the cart. “Babe,” he said, turning me a little bit so I could face him for the first time this early morning grocery trip. “Are you okay?”

I huffed out my answer and tried to continue down the aisle, wanting more than anything for this trip to be over with, but before I could even take a step, his hand stopped me.

“Hey,” he said, turning me towards him gently and brushing his hand along my cheek, my mood melting away a bit at his light touch. “It’s going to be okay. I know you’re a bit grumpy but just think about the movies and the cuddles that we have waiting for us when we get home,” he said, a goofy smile rolling over his lips as he raised his eyebrows in over exaggerated excitement.

A goofy smile of my own spread on my lips at his words and mirrored his, except for his was much more beautiful and to me it meant more than anything.

He laid a gentle, long lasting kiss onto my forehead before pulling away and whispering, “I love you,” in the sweetest tone and I couldn’t help but forget about the yelling and the bustling and suddenly the cheesy music didn’t seem so bad and I couldn’t help but smile.

I couldn’t help but smile at the boy with light blonde hair who had a smile that could light up a dark cave and who never failed to give me butterflies and who always managed to paint my face a shade of dark pink.

I smiled because of the boy who reminded me exactly why we were pushing around a squeaky cart at 6:38 in the morning, and who helped me keep that smile in place the entire time we were doing so.


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