007 Headcanon: The Seduction of Q

Everyone thinks that Bond is the one who sees Q and decides, “yes, that cute boffin there, I want that” while Q obliviously goes about his life clueless to the agent’s attempts at wooing–because Q’s a lot of things, but Bond’s usual brand of tea he is not. 

In fact James Bond is literally the most oblivious dork when he’s off the clock. It’s like, if he’s not doing the seducing, he doesn’t notice? And that baffles the hell out of Q. Because Q has been trying for years to get 007′s attention and has been doing the lion’s work of the seduction. 

Pretty sure it started with a look at 007′s smoldering obituary file pic and legend status: “yes, that ruggedly handsome 00 there, I want that. power couple goals.” Presumably Q has a hand in arranging his own meeting with 007, via Tanner, and chooses a museum on purpose. You know, if I want to be snarky, pretentious, and look really good doing it I’d pick a museum, too. Lots of things to be pretentious about, and truly excellent lighting.

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The way Q throws Bond off his game in Skyfall and then damn near bats his eyes? Hard to miss, but Q considers that maybe the agent thinks he had something in his eyes. Or was just getting his nerd eyes adjusted to non-computer lighting? Q even talked about his pajamas. And exploding pens. Within moments after making 007 think Q was an art student looking for a bit of strange. Wtf, dude. Does he have to spell it out for him?

Probably. Bond’s been knocked out a lot. So Q:

  • Rebuilds Bond’s beloved car
  • Endangers his career at least twice, canonically
  • Flies out to Austria to get him, despite a canonical fear of flying
  • Mentions mortgage and cats, you know, in case Bond has a kink for stable and well-adjusted
  • Definitely starts dressing sharper
  • Flirts awkwardly with Bond
  • Makes him an exploding watch (not a pen but still not subtle)
  • Is salty as a polite potato chip about Bond turning up with Dr. Swann at his hotel room

And let’s not even get started on this:

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Actually, no, let’s. It’s my favorite. I can’t think of any other character in the entire franchise, besides maybe Dench!M who would be able to casually disarm Bond. And if she did, it would be more like classic Q grumpily snatching his sandwich back. Q doesn’t snatch or get grumpy. He just slides in close, wraps around the gun, and pulls it slowly from Bond’s grasp while basically looking Bond in the eye the whole time. Look, I’m super ace and slow on the uptake, but I’d totally get that message. 

In sum, Bond’s not so much the seducer. Q is. 

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I got excited about the anime coming back because I'm hoping that Mashima can sit down with the studio and say "here are some ideas I had that I didn't fully flesh out/didn't do because I just wanted this shit to be over. learn from my mistakes" and they'll give the story the finale arc it deserves... but realistically that's wAY too optimistic, I don't have that much faith in this series anymore

That’d be a dream come true, tbh… Mashima has worked pretty closely with the studio before, Key of the Starry Skies was made largely with his input, so maybe the stars will align and he’ll actually take this second chance?

…..yeah, that’s not happening 

The only things you need to know about Spiderman Homecoming
  • Donald Glover is this film for all of 3 minutes but he has the best line:      “I like bread.”
  • Tony Stark is desperately trying to be A Dad™
  • Michael Keaton is A1 (that means gr8)
  • there is a 5-minutes scene that is stressful
  • suit lady
  • he crashes through a lot of things which is bad because he is very small and I want to protect him
  • he pets a cat at one point

Couples Poses Meme, Moana Edition!~ Moana/Maui fluff <3. Can be read as platonic too if that’s not your jam. (Why is B1 so popular? There’s at least 2 of these requests from all the differerent fandoms)