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Champion Minerva Team Poll, Part 3

Let’s continue with Minerva’s team. You get ONE vote per poll.

A1. Langskold
A2. Auronova

B1. Komodomok
B2. Jelluminous

Alglord, Sensloth, Mysmonorb and Silkatrice are all confirmed for the final poll. Terreaper MAY be confirmed for the final poll depending of the winners of part 3. 

Which do you vote for!?

anonymous asked:

did you read any good stydia fics recently? I feel like I've read everything :(

Unfortunately I haven’t had much time for reading fanfic lately.

Although I did just reread literally everything @wellsjahasghost has ever written, barring Witched, because my family was driving me crazy and I needed an escape. So I’d recommend you just do that, she’s A1!

nightsontheroof  asked:

lavender, vinyl, and felines!

Lavender: Name something that relaxes you.

Instrumental music mostly! (The Nutcracker soundtrack is A1)

Vinyl: What are some of your favorite music?

Idk if this is talking bout genre, but I like rap, r&b, pop, punk rock, alternative, and instrumental! 

Felines: Something that makes you feel better after a hard day?

talking to u, nive, and/or jess and my lavender+honey tea!

ask me things (in the form of things i love)!