Taylor Swift launching streaming service as part of her 'Swifties' brand

Taylor Swift is planning to launch a music streaming service named after her fans.

Last month (Feb17) lawyers for the Blank Space singer’s company TAS Rights Management sent an application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to register the trademark ‘Swifties’.

Among the goods and services Taylor is applying to sell under the brand name, an affectionate moniker she and her fans use to refer to each other, are various fashion items, guitars, and live performances, as well as a website “featuring non-downloadable multi-media content in the nature of audio recordings.”

In 2014, Taylor famously fell out with bosses at Spotify over royalty payments, causing her to remove her tunes from the music streaming service.

She also won a battle with technology giant Apple in 2015, when she demanded the company pay artists for music its users streamed during free trial periods.

Other potential ventures she is looking to launch under the 'Swifties’ brand name include video games, her own online shop, and a stationery line.

Taylor is known for her closeness to her fans, having been one of the first pop stars to cultivate a huge social media following on websites like Twitter and Instagram.

According to the U.S. trademark documents, the 27-year-old is also looking into providing educational programs for 'Swifties’, which may include, “classes, conferences, coaching, lectures, educational meetings, camps, retreats, seminars, (and) educational summits”.

The move to register the trademark marks an extension to previously planned Taylor branded products.

Last year (16) she partnered with mobile app company Glu to launch her own interactive mobile game.

Representatives for the pop star were asked for further details on her business plans, but did not respond to a request for comment.

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RegClar headcanons

by the mighty need of @sky-terrace I’m compiling a bunch of young Regis and Clarus headcanons~ (plus some cute adventures with the Accordo group)

-first of all,,,, Regis would have the nickname of “Clar-bear” for Clarus (✿◕㉨◕)  -which the latter would absolutely detest
-but he secretly thinks it’s cute
-Weskham thinks that it’s a weird nickname but Cid finds it hilarious
-Cid calls him Clar-bear too as a joke but it’s ….. Just not the same as when Regis says it ..
-actually it’s pretty downright weird when Cid says it and Clarus threatens “whoever calls me Clar-bear again will have their head smashed into the ground” \`•̀益•́´/                                                                                                   -but Regis still calls him that occasionally
-one time Clarus finds Regis asleep at his desk,,,, he like doesn’t know what to do 

More under the cut cuz this got waaaay to long *sweats*

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anonymous asked:

Do you prefer dark-haired Tom, or light? Curly- or straight-haired? Long hair or short? Clean-shaven, stubble, or full beard? I have such a hard time choosing which is my favorite, and he looks so different each way!

I definitely know what you mean, anon! To be honest, I’m not entirely sure either but i think i prefer him clean shaven.. that’s just me tho. I mean lookit him

Originally posted by whateverygirllove

Okay after looking at more pictures of him I can’t decide XD maybe i like him with a little stubble ????

Originally posted by maryxglz

He’s honestly just so beautiful no matter what and I’ll love him always! But secretly i have a soft spot for him as Thomas Sharpe… ;3 

Originally posted by hiddlestonr

I just can’t get over that smile!!! !!!! How adorable is that smile!!!! Like lookit that smile!!!!!!

Sorry for totally not answering your question but I’m as confused as you are, ehehehe! He will always be beautiful regardless of whatever he does-that just seems to be the hiddles way~