Thing is

Thing is.
Here’s the thing.
I would have
Done the entire world
Twice over.
For a taste, a touch
Of you.

You in all your infinity
Blending stars and dust into
Our flesh and bone -

Dripping delusion into my
Cracked lips. Trembling my half forgotten name
I swallowed and it burned

Why did it burn?

I traced your fingers and let them part me
With promises.
Look at you
And see feelings smoking into colours
Blinding colours
Skin seeping words
words I would

I want to bleed empty of you.
Feel you disappear into
What used to be ours -
Thing is,
See, the things is
I would have done the universe

Thrice over for you.


Beans on Toast - I Fancy Laura Marling

Becuase I love this oh so very much.


Ben Howard - Gracious

Why are we so unsatisfied? Why are there so many of us that want so much more than the life that we already live? Why can’t we be satisfied?

Because we dream.

And our dreams are more vivid than some of the days we actually live. The people in our dreams have personalities, and qualities that we can’t find in people in real life. We are able to love without fear and talk without fear. These people don’t judge us, they understand us, and they love us for who we are, no matter how strange or wacky or obsessive. We’re not afraid of these people because they’ve been with us through our darkest hours and we’ve still come out alive. These friends, this world that we live in, it’s our choice, not judged by society or our parents. It’s the life we would have chosen, had we been able to choose any life. And that is why we are so unsatisfied.


Coeur de Pirate - Comme de Enfants