One day people will touch and talk perhaps easily, and loving be natural as breathing and warm as sunlight, and people will untie themselves, as string is unknotted, unfold and yawn and stretch and spread their fingers, unfurl, uncurl like seaweed returned to the sea, and work will be simple and swift as a seagull flying, and play will be casual and quiet as a seagull settling, and the clocks will stop, and no one will wonder or care or notice, and people will smile without reason, even in winter, even in the rain.
—  A.S.J. Tessimond

That’s it. And by “it” I mean the end of all things yearned for–
the hope,
the chances,
the possibilities,
the meetcute
the future,
the fate,
the destiny,
the would-have-been’s

and most of the time we regret these things. But that’s it.

—  a.s.j(thediaryofalostheart)