a.r.t.s.y magazine


T R A S H Y      T W E N T I E S

page 6/7

I-DSims Magazine vol. 45, issue 234

models:  Kieran Rose, 

styled by: Lily Feng

designers: @savage-sims, and others

Q: how old are you?

K: 21

Q: do you think you’ve been living up to the “trashy twenties” title? 

K:  Is green hair trashy? I’m kidding [laughing]. A lot of people seem to think so, I just like to have a lot of fun and I don’t care what people have to say about it. We’re young, you know, why live with worries?

Q: some magazines have been calling you the “Bad Boy of the new modeling wave”, how do you feel about that?

K: It’s crazy to believe considering how big of a geek I was back in the day to think that people are intimidated by me. I accept the title, if being carefree makes me a bad boy then I guess that’s what I am.

This is the cover for Animage magazine for February 2017
The month of love
And they chose these three dweebs to be on the cover GOD BLESS

(l o o k h o w e x t r a p r e c i o u s
t h e y a r e )

+Yurio’s outfit kinda matches Otabek’s GPF free skate one :))))))))