Four Pennies | Black Girl (1964) 45rpm

“In the Pines” is also known as “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?” and “Black Girl”

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Could I get some headcanons for raven, penny and winter having their s/o accidentally walk in on them changing their clothes please. ( ps, I really love the blog you great at writing these thing )

-She’ll just smirk and keep undressing, looking them in the eye the entire time

-If they’re going somewhere she’ll get dressed and tease them all night until they get home

-If nothing is planned that night she’ll walk over to them completely naked and start a very steamy night

-She’ll try and cover herself up and blush (still not sure if she can even do that)

-She’ll apologize for not locking the door, even though s/o should have knocked

-She’ll be very shy around them the rest of the day

-She’ll raise an eyebrow at them and ask if they’ve heard of the concept of knocking

-She’s not actually mad, she’s amused by the embarrassed look on their face

-She’ll kiss their cheek and go on with her day

I think claims that BTS never had a “hit” song in Korea, that everyone knew or was widely popular can be an insult to BTS. Because when you think about it, what made them popular wasn’t a ‘one hit’ wonder or viral video, but more so their growth in musicality and exploration of universal issues that slowly built their star image.They didn’t need to always create a ‘catchy’ song to stay relevant, but instead grew step by step and hurdled their way to the top. They are the epitome of musical growth built overtime, which combined with their social platform and constant communication, gave them the ability to break barriers for Kpop.