So; this is my pile o’ comics that are nearest and dearest to me.

This is:

Jellyfist by J.Vasquez and J.Goldberg

Serenity Rose: Vol 1 by Aaron A

JTHM Director’s Cut by J. Vasquez

BEAR by J.Smart, #2

Serenity Rose by Aaron A, #1 (Kind of a repeat, but I had this before I bought the combined volume.)

I Feel Sick #2 by J.Vasquez*

The Waiting Place #12 by McKever

SQUEE! by J.Vasquez*

* I had all the SQUEE!s and another I Feel Sick at one point, but.. I lent it to a moron freshman year and it just never made its way home. ):

You may notice that these numbers are a little random. You may also notice, if you are an SLG fanatic, that these are all published by SLG. This is because I have gone to A.P.E every year almost exclusively– well, not exclusively– for SLG’s grab bags. They’re comics that have some sort of error and couldn’t be sold to the public, so you get a random mix of minorly funky comics for $15! It’s mindblowing. I love it.
Although.. I believe I bought the JTHM Directors’ Cut online.

Either way, all of these titles are wonderful. I’m really looking forward to October, hittin’ up A.P.E again and grabbing the 2 volumes of Serenity Rose that I missed, as well as another grab bag..

I drew a thing :3

It’s a sleeve design I drew up as a tribute to one of my all time fav bands A Primitive Evolution or A.P.E for short :3

Mostly black with some white highlights, the only actual colour involved will be red foe the hearts, the hornes witches hair and lips, and blood splatters on the scroll that will have lyrics in beautiful calligraphy :3 and the scroll will be hella longer than in this initial sketch :3

The hearts will be where my elbow will be :3

My hardest realization is that I’m years ahead of my peers in honesty with self , emotional maturity and for seeing a vision to where I would like to be and I refuse to dumb it down and settle.
That being said it’s been impossible to find a significant other because most people my generation are in a rat race a lot of thinking but zero doing and mostly fear, most are all run by fear.
I refuse to live by fearful standards
—  The A.P.E

The bar is my therapist